Some details of the LG filter G5: dual screen and a module for connecting accessories


We closed 2015 with a very juicy rumor: Evleaks (who now works as an editor at VentureBeat) ha had access to information on the new flagship of LG : the G5. No pictures have been leaked but a few interesting technical specifications that speak of a terminal with three pillars : photography, technology LG V10 and added a very curious that this terminal will be very different rest.

try this leak but carefully considering who is Evleaks signature, give enough credibility as it has always been very precise with what has been published on Twitter. What can we expect from this LG G5? In addition to the more obvious techniques of a top-end specifications, hides a very curious detail. Does anyone remember the expansion slot Palm OS? Sí, Springboard . Maybe the new mobile Koreans have something


The screen size G5 lower to stand at 5.3 inches , 0 2 unless the G4 we’ve seen this year. QHD resolution will remain and the big news in this section will be found in the introduction of a small panel on the top as we saw in the LG V10. Terminal has not reached debut in Spain but in other markets as the United States has been well received

The operation will be identical to the V10: a separate screen where you can view notifications without turning the large panel. Personally I like the approach of Ambient LG Display but has managed to squeeze more this feature by adding more controls and options that bar. With the new software layer and Marshmallow sure we will see some new function.

On the front camera with the V10 bet on two sensors to wide-angle photos (135 degrees) . According Evleaks that configuration will be the back so we can take images up to 16 megapixels with these 135 degrees. I am a little skeptical of this paragraph, not because the rumor is not credible but because experiments with double sensors have never gone well.

Finally we have the juiciest of this rumor: Magic Slot . Evleaks not give details on how it will work but to understand is a type of slot where you can connect various accessories accessories for Virtual Reality, camera 360, aesthetic ornaments .. Impossible not to remember the LG Springboard. If it ends up being true, see if you open enough so that not all the accessories put on the market the firm LG.

The phone will be presented in the first quarter of the year, probably in order to anticipate the other competitors as far as possible. Probably not at CES or Mobile World Congress will see what will stop at some point by March we will have a launch event

News some details G5 Leaked LG: dual screen and a module for connecting accessories was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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Some details of the LG filter G5: dual screen and a module for connecting accessories
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