Some simple tricks for Windows that may not know

Some simple tricks for Windows that perhaps do not know

Windows hides many interesting secrets that make it more useful and fun than meets the eye. If you want to learn some new things about him, you’ve come to the right place.

Although Windows is no stranger to almost anyone, some functions yes . Regardless href=””> ‘ve used in your life, it is possible that many of its features still prove a novelty for you. Some features go completely unnoticed by most users for years, and more than one is pleasantly surprised to find you can do more than I thought. If you are interested to learn some Tricks for Windows simple but quite useful , read on.

Launching applications in the taskbar with a keyboard shortcut

This I did not know until recently, although I like the keyboard shortcuts, I had escaped that if you press the Windows key + number can open the application you have anchored to the taskbar in that position . Win + 1 opens the first icon, Win + 2 the second, and so on. Never again will you have to move your hand to the mouse only to start an application.

Center icons on the taskbar

Every time I show a screenshot my desk, many people ask me how I done to focus the icons on the taskbar. It’s simple, and have a link where to refer them, I will explain here.

  • Create a folder called “BT” (or whatever you want to put it is only by reference) somewhere where never going to delete.
  • Make sure you have unlocked the taskbar (right click on it -> and uncheck “Lock all toolbars”)
  • Right click on the taskbar again, press “Toolbar” then “New Toolbar …” and select the folder you created earlier.
  • You should now have an icon with the name of your folder on the taskbar. To remove the text, right-click on “BT” and uncheck the “Show text” and “Show Title”.
  • Now simply drag the separator to the left until the other side of the anchored icons, and continue to drag until you are in the position you want. If you do not want to see the separators, simply blocks the taskbar again.

Use small icons

tricks for windows

There are people who seem that Windows is too superbarra large and prefer the classic task bar since before Windows XP. If you like minimalist things, you can use small icons in the taskbar. You just need to right click on it, then click Properties and in the tab “ Taskbar ” choose “ Use bar buttons small tasks “. Apply and accept. If you also do not want to see only icons but a big label like the old XP, you can choose “ Never combine ” in the section “ Buttons on the taskbar “.

Create custom keyboard shortcuts for each application

tricks for windows

run any Windows application with its own keyboard shortcut all we need is to right click on the shortcut to the executable program (eg Spotify.exe) and then select Properties . In the options tab “ Shortcut ” we can enter a keyboard shortcut if you click on “ Shortcut key “. We press the keys that we use and the recorded menu. All shortcuts must start with CTRL, ALT may be followed, SHIFT, SHIFT, etc., a number or a letter.

Advanced File Search

tricks for windows

If you’re one of those people that have documents insane amounts , and although try to organize something, it costs you find things at first, it may not be enough for you to use one or two keywords in the search. Luckily, Windows Explorer is able to use different operators to make more advanced searches .

The operator “ AND ” is used to search for files containing two specific words. For example: “White AND Black” will search for files that contain the words “Black and White” no matter where the file is located. The operator “ NOT ” does the opposite, “White NOT Black” will search for files that contain the word “White” but also exclude all contain the word “Black”. And, the operator “ OR ” will search for files that contain either search terms.

The same search box offers the ability to search by size and date modified. And, there are many special keywords that you can use to further refine the search. You can read more about them in the Microsoft Knowledge Centre .

Control the programs that start with Windows

tricks for windows

A huge number of programs installed in our PC have the bad habit of starting with the operating system even if they are not needed and are making the boot is slower and start consuming memory. Before Windows 8 to disable startup applications, we had to run the command msconfig . In Windows 8 / 8.1 is not necessary and can even measure the impact caused by each application when you start the system.

You can press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys and select Task Manager as ever. We may also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc , or Windows 8.1 click right on the start button and select it.

On the “Home” tab can view all applications that can boot the system , which are active and which are not. In addition to the impact of start they cause. The best thing to do is to disable all for improve unless you see performance something you find indispensable. Even the entries you added your video drivers are not necessary for the proper functioning of the system. You should also check this section often for many applications return to the list without your permission, and others are added when you install new things.

Restart Windows Explorer

restart windows explorer

It’s funny how Microsoft after many years attended a problem many have suffered for all versions of Windows: the browser and crashes. When the file manager for Windows behaves strange, hangs, gets slow, or whatever, the solution before the restart was to go to Task Manager to end the process, or press a lot Ctrl + Esc like crazy desperate. The problem was that once closed the browser was a headache to start it again.

In Windows 8 and later, from the Task Manager can go to the tab Processes select the Windows Explorer and press the Reset unique and exclusive to this gentleman button.

Install applications from the terminal

tricks for windows

Finally if you want to take an extra step in your path to glory nerd, may try Chocolatey, an application for install applications on Windows from the Command Power System or the shell. It is very nice


Some simple tricks for Windows that may not know
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April 21, 2015

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