Sonic, The Movie: is this the final appearance of Sonic?

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Sonic The Movie: is this the final appearance of Sonic?

we Know Sonic for more than a quarter of a century and its silhouette is recognized around the globe. However, the aspect that will delight in its leap to the big screen takes months to be a mystery intentionally. And, we’re not going to deny, the first contact-making not left us indifferent.

The hedgehog design-blue has evolved over the years, although the fact that the film which Paramount Pictures has between hands combine animation and real image makes finding a balance between both worlds is a delicate thing.

Now, sooner or later we would have to clear the question: the website dedicated to the mascot of SEGA The Super Sonic Zone has confirmed and shared screenshots of a guide of style, Sonic, The Movie, which you can see below.


According to TSSZ, The origin of these images leads us to the agency Hamagami Carroll, those who caught a fleeting glimpse has published, and subsequently withdrawn these guides, after appearing in replicated in the forums of Resetera and other networks.

And despite the official design has not been formally submitted, what is certain is that house with the silhouette with features more humanized offered months ago by the part of Paramount.


highlight, this realistic design has solved the issue of providing the eyes separated including a strip of hair white on the nose. In addition, the gloves would also be hair, though he would keep his features running shoes red.

Over their barbed bluish, in social networks there are those who have already found similarities with Gotenks of Dragon Ball.


The ball is now in the roof of SEGA and Paramount Pictures who, beyond to confirm or disprove this alleged filtration, have the option to seize the moment and present what will be the final design of the Sonic film.

For its part, is expected to Sonic, The Movie debuts the 8th of November in the cinema, finishing off by rounding a 2019 especially attractive for those with a passion for video games and the seventh art.

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Sonic, The Movie: is this the final appearance of Sonic?
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March 5, 2019

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