Sonos wants to change its business model, and starts cutting template

Sonos wants to change its business model, and start cutting template

Sonos announced a profound change in its business model to embrace streaming and voice control.

Sonos is one of the most respected in the new era of connected musical hardware companies. But be respected and recognized is not enough in such a fragmented and so dependent in terms of third-party service market. But this, Sonos has announced it will cut staff in a restructuring strategy , with which the company seeks to position its brand further into the music streaming and voice control that haca the Hi-Fi pure and hard.

blog entry which the CEO exposes this new vision for the company, not give details of how they will face this new stage of streaming away from the Hi-Fi connected systems that made the company a benchmark in the sector.

Today, the entire ecosystem of the transition-in music is ultimately for the better and Sonos. We have a good idea of ​​how it will evolve over time, and have never been more optimistic about what it means for music fans. We are taking the decision to increase substantially and confident our investment in the future of music.

The first in the short term is to reduce fixed costs to cope with this new investment unspecified so the company has announced a reduction in staff, but does not explain how result in numbers . Interestingly, the very CEO of Sonos talking about their employees pointed out what they like the company the concept of Alexa, Echo and the voice control system Amazon, so we suspect that the shots were on that line

recently introduced Sonos nuevo hardware and sigen enhancing their services compatible with Spotify streaming, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc … but right now it is unknown what will be the turn CEO is planning to, in his own words, and confidently substantially increase our investment in the future of music.

Whatever the case, the truth for a company with the market base is very difficult to ride fast enough to not cause stampede of users now that the future of your hardware is in between that, and so-called calm to its shareholders and investors does not sound good.


Sonos wants to change its business model, and starts cutting template
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March 10, 2016

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