Sony announces new GPS chip ultra low power


One of the most famous things about battery devour our Android devices is GPS navigation: better to relocate the battery more when using this function, because it can turn the Android not reach the end of the day alive …

why Sony wants to do their part in the Hardware , and they have announced two components that have more functions than the location. The real novelty of these chips is that, according to Sony, consuming only 10mW at its maximum consumption.

The two chips, which are named D5600 and D5601 , work with GPS and GLONASS including the navigation system, but also incorporate accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to be able to get a much more reliable than other chips.

Sony also has confirmed departure dates of these components: the D5600 comes out in June and his brother in September , the date on which we can begin to see them integrated into new devices. Is it worth waiting to get that energy savings, or there are other manufacturers who will advance? Is it worth it or hardly will notice compared to current chips?

Source | Engadget

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Sony announces new GPS chip ultra low power
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February 21, 2013

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