Sony has patented a technology that is anti-spoilers

The company owns the patent of a technology that would allow the makers of video games to mark sensitive content of their works, to protect those who have not seen certain parts or objects.

In the last few hours we have seen how it has been filtering a multitude of content The Last of Us-Part II: videos of your gameplay, cinematics, and details of your story abound in the web due to a filtration appeared on Sunday night at various points of the Internet, especially in‌ Reddit. With the game waiting to be published in the June 19, all of that content in the network is a time bomb for players who want to get to the premiere knowing as little as possible.

Technology anti-spoilers that would work regardless of the platform

that Is why it has now come to light a patent that Sony registered in October of 2018: it is a technology anti-spoilers that would allow developers to mark sensitive content of gut in their video games for, well, save the users who have not yet seen.

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Sony has patented a technology that is anti-spoilers

“developers will be able to mark specific objects of the game as ‘hidden’ through an appropriate tool and the details of that object are hidden to other players until they discover it for themselves in the game”, explains the description of the patent, illustrating with an example that leaves everything much more clear: “just Like with the trophies hidden. Players even have the option to see beyond the blockade of the spoiler if you wish.”

In this way, and according to the own patent, players will be able to interact with friends and with the rest of the community with regard to game narrative with the confidence that they are not going to see any”spoiler” . That is to say, in this way a player could go watch videos or streams of a particular video game that has not yet been completed and this system caparía the parties with destripes to not ruin your experience.

it should Be noted that this technology would work both inside and outside the systems of Sony. The own patent emphasizes that it is a “method to cross between platforms for the blocking of spoilers”, so that a screenshot of The Last of Us-Part II with delicate content might appear locked in a forum, for example.

Sony has patented a technology that is anti-spoilers

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