Sony Xperia T: Complete analysis and user experience

Sony Xperia T: Complete analysis and user experience

Perhaps the Sony Xperia T not get up much excitement as the Samsung Galaxy S III at the time. There were hundreds of leaks and rumors about its design, processor and camera, and once we saw the light for him to throw all our clutches. But the fact is that now that this Xperia T is a reality and we could test it thoroughly , we have found that not only is below the Galaxy S III, but that has nothing to envy, and that it has a processor with two cores and not four.

Materials and Design

One of the strengths of Sony, certainly. When I talk to people about smartphones Sony always stand design that seem to like. Never go unnoticed, and the good they have is that following the same line often vary greatly from one model to another.

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Sony Xperia S was one of those that enjoyed by their lines, and this Xperia T is not far behind. The Sony Xperia T recovers lines Arc style, but with a squarer front. One thing I love is that as you look through this terminal see differently. While as I said the front is square , the bottom wedge invites you to see his side, accompanied by a curve that runs throughout the phone and gives it a curved very interesting.

surrounding material which protects the lens, much like the HTC One X. In the terminal I did not like how HTC took place, because the protective lens was on the outside of the ring protruding from behind, so it is fully exposed to scratches when we support it upside down. The Xperia T have put this protection in the bottom of the ring, so this does exactly its function, protect the lens rallajos.

I was a little disappointed button layout and connectors. The upside is that the headphone jack is at the top and having a dedicated button Camera, you can press halfway to focus and fully to take the picture, which again demonstrates the importance of careful and Sony for photography at its terminals, but also found a downside. Mainly two, has placed the microUSB connector on the left side and not on the bottom, and the camera buttons, volume up and down and on / off are all together. This makes it somewhat difficult to access the on / off, and often will press the volume. It is true that one gets used, but for those who go out running with mobile or ye menejarlo without removing the pocket will be a nightmare. A lesser evil, but there it is.

The materials convey much sense of security. One does not have in hand the Xperia T and thinks that if he can break down into pieces, a sense of confidence in the hand is very high. Being unibody little can be said here, because the back is a rugged plastic that yes, it gets dirty pretty thing if our hands are stained with grease, but it cleans very easily. It measures 129.4 x 67.3 x 9.4 mm and weighs 139 grams, that by removing the lower unnecessary had the Xperia S makes a perfect size and weight for those looking for a mobile screen.

Oh, and very important detail that should be criticized, back cover can not be removed and therefore we can not change the battery. The Xperia S and marked the beginning of this journey, and the Xperia T has finally materialized. It may not be a critical feature, but if we are torn between two terminals and the other does have this possibility, it may make a difference in a world where battery durations are far from perfect.

Sony Interface

Here I start saying the same thing when I talked about the Xperia S interface, because they recycle everything and have improved. When I spoke to my Sony-Ericsson an Android I put the willies thinking about your interface, it seemed by far the worst of all owners. With the range of pre-T Sony Xperia finally solved that. You may not be the best, but certainly have learned the importance of not overloading and transmitting a user experience that feels like there is outside of Android, and the new interfaces improve much. Lie, improve greatly.

Now everything is much simpler , and no complicated access routes to follow to get something as simple as a setting, and everything works, that is as it should be. Not much variety in desktop widgets, but are the righteous. With Google Play swell we need not, and indeed is the very simplicity which is appreciated for freedom from saturation. But yes, the weather widget is really well, in my desk and has replaced that used so far.

unlock screen is also simple, and in this case if perhaps too. We have the notification bar down (as set fees from Android 4.0), time, missed calls and information in case of SMS and two sliders, one for unlock and one to access the camera. The camera is fully redundant, and could have been replaced by another or configurable. I say this because these Xperia with camera button has a special function, which is the shortcut. If we hold a couple of seconds the camera button can access this, although the phone is locked. In fact we can set that serves to access the camera or take a picture directly, perfect for those times when you have to take the picture in an instant. And so the Silder spare camera.

Once unlocked you access to the interface itself. As I say, simple and functional, perfect for standard. If you want something more complex and replace it with Google Play, but what comes preinstalled be as simple as possible. Details are very care, as the animations of the widgets to move them and insert or remove the trash when. Another positive point is that we can organize applications list alphabetically, most used or installation order, we impose one particular, much appreciated.

We discussed a very important thing in design but wanted to leave for the interface, because it seems more interesting to see here because of the implications. Sony Xperia T has no physical buttons and back home, but are interface, following the recommendations Google brand and so few manufacturers have tried to implement. What we found is that the bottom of the screen is dedicated to the back button, home and recent applications. Yes, recent applications also heeded Google in this regard, and not have the settings, which appears as the application needs it or not. Really, bravo for Sony in this regard. If Google Android designed to run in a certain way, it makes sense that manufacturers follow these instructions, but many seem not to have heard, usually by trying to make things easier for the user, but I think it’s time to start doing and things.

When you press the button the list appears recent applications of the latest applications that we used. Not the official Android (to call it that), but a proper Sony but very similar. Loads fast and is not slow or difficult to use as HTC Sense, but that shows a preview of all open applications from which we can directly access these or closed with a swipe motion. We also have an extra, is that at the bottom of this screen are four applets : calculator, countdown, notes and voice recorder. Applets are shaped widget, such as opening windows are new, as if it were a desktop operating system. We move, close or minimize them by dragging them to the side. Perfect for quick access to those little features such simple but important is that you can easily enter. It is best that one last button “+” allows us to look for more of these small applications on Google Play. The bad news is that there is not, but hopefully soon be updated.



T unveils Sony Xperia Qualcomm MSM8260A chipset Snapdragon with Krait Dual-core processor at 1.5 GHz, Adreno 225 GPU, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD). The performance is outstanding, and shows that what is needed is not to put more and more cores, but make them efficient, that yield a percentage as high as possible. After using the Xperia time T and check for jams, which is totally fluid, their lags are minimal, both unlocked and open applications, etc., We can say that is a very fast terminal that does not fail. Too bad they have not yet Jelly Bean, because when you upgrade will fly.

Here’s the Quadrant test results:

When did the Samsung Galaxy S III got 5200, and Xperia T is somewhat lower with 4792. Although this test is not everything, it’s a way to get an idea. Perhaps the Xperia T does not exceed in the Galaxy S III test, but certainly it falls short, a very important considering it has two cores less. As mentioned before, not all the quantity but also matters how it is used.


often bragging that the Sony smartphones, and T Xperia is far less an exception. Without being too methodical say that T Xperia screen looks great, with vivid colors and excellent gloss, even under poor lighting conditions, which in this case is usually a sun that does not let us see the screen. There are certain occasions that no technology has been able to solve yet, but T Xperia screen is undoubtedly one of the best on the market (with permission from their first Xperia leading P White Magic).

If we further technical details we TFT screen of 4.55 inches and resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, giving it a density of 323 PPI . To compare some other high-end devices in density:

Sony Xperia S: 342 PPI

  • Apple iPhone 5: 326 PPI
  • HTC

  • One X: 312 PPI
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 306 PPI
  • ppi density depends resolution and screen size, but it is a good figure to compare different models that transmits quite well in terms of quality resolution that offers a smartphone, but You can read much more about this topic here.

    Two very important details. has no Gorilla Glass display and is protected by a layer that is attached as standard. The same happened in the Xperia S, but very few realized, because it comes perfectly stuck and is difficult to see. Is this good or bad? Gorilla Glass is that has gained in recent times extraordinary fame as the material they have to take to protect the screens, but the actual experience has told us that it does not work so well. Great Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches on the screen, but it is terrible for falls, we all know the state of a typical screen after one of these, for having been known or seen / friends / family / videos.

    The problem with the screens that are not Gorilla Glass is very easy to be scratched, and now that’s uncomfortable. To fix it you can put a plastic protector, but usually run them much worse. That happened with the Xperia S, especially with the lower buttons, but the Xperia U have totally solved. The screen responds perfectly, just like anyone with Gorilla Glass, so I’ve made it theoretically more resistant rallajos (we can also change the protector if grated) and falls. But all this, as you know, are theories. A bad fall or a key in his pocket can eliminate improper everything we had planned.


    Well what can I tell you here, you can imagine what we can expect a Sony camera with 13-megapixel resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels and 1080p video recording at 30 fps. Exactly, the camera is excellent, even better than the Xperia S, which as you know won the comparison we did between it, the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X.

    It is true that little room for improvement has this camera versus the Xperia S or even the SGSIII, also exceptional, but noticed some details that give a little more quality. Maybe a better overall look and finally a less exaggerated saturation of colors, but the photos are wonderful.

    Stresses especially macro mode and operation in low light. This picture is made at night, a couple of inches and with a single LED light, nothing more.

    is a very fast camera, but here is a step behind the SGSIII. In Samsung’s camera, press the equals button to take a picture, not that it is fast, it is instant. The Xperia T takes a little longer, and although the difference is minimal, there is. Perhaps it is because it puts a greater focus on the focus of the image, not sure, but the feeling is different. Of course, having a dedicated button for the camera is a delight, and essential if you give importance to your photos from your smartphone.

    The low light performance is impressive. Whether you keep the ISO at minimum as if we left it in automatic notice very good results, the best light conditions are poor.

    As for extra features like typical camera HDR modes and the like, we find rather little, and although they can be found with other applications, there would have been more inclusion. We can simply choose between automatic scene, normal, or front camera sweep panorama, which gives very good results.

    NOTE: soon we will make a special post on the Sony Xperia T camera with many more pictures and videos so you can better evaluate its quality.


    Sony devices typically emphasize the quality of your camera, never have run away at the sound, and they may have more experience in this section as the previous. How about T Xperia rings? Well fantastically well, not a paste in this regard.

    The bass response is great and found no excess in the media who sin and many portable devices with both sound dirty an overload that becomes annoying to the ears.

    Perhaps the maximum sound level is rather low, but is compensated with outstanding quality of the headphones (at least for what are usually the standard of a smartphone), that not only sound great, but have a very high level of insulation.

    To get used to the idea of ​​what this can mean, a practical example. When traveling on the Metro or live in an area with lots of external noise, turn up the volume of music on our headphones for what is known as / N ratio and music camouflage increase external noise. The problem with this is that when we increase the level of audio processors that are not usually of high quality and distort the signal, providing a very poor quality. The key is to isolate external noise , and that they get the headphones. Those coming to the Xperia T do great, and we note that although we do not get a very high level, is heard perfectly because external noise does not bother us.

    In short, listening to music with Xperia T is amazing, do not think anyone can complain about their sound quality.


    Sony Xperia

    T has HSDPA 42.2 Mbps up, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n dual band and of course the ability to be used as a WiFi Hotspot. Okay including DLNA and WiFi Direct, which allows us to connect to other devices with this technology directly via WiFi, without using a router. That is, we can move a file from one Xperia T a, for example, directly SGSIII WiFi though we are at the top of Everest without a WiFi router manually. This is a silly example, but the WiFi Direct is very convenient and useful for transferring files or view our mobile videos on television.

    The Xperia T also has NFC chip. Perhaps we have seen in many places that NFC technology is stuck and not get anywhere. Well, this could not be further from reality, as their potential and current uses are many. Without going any further cards London Underground (Oyster cards) work with this technology, and transportation services such as buses from Malaga and use it. Even the Madrid Metro is starting to sell tickets and NFC. But you’ll notice the difference when the banks start handing out credit cards with NFC, a process that has already begun and will be completed over the coming months. The NFC is a technology that has existed for a long time and is a matter of months it becomes popular. Soon we use our mobile variously as credit card to buy a subscription to Metro and go with him lathes.

    For positioning not only have GPS, GLONASS also features. GLONASS is the Russian version of GPS, and is positioned allowing much faster and more accurately. It is a major change in positioning systems for mobile devices.

    And to finish this section, some bad news. What I have both criticized and praised other devices Xperia Xperia S appears in the T. It seems that not everyone has given me so much importance as to the HDMI output, and Sony has decided to eliminate the Xperia T, giving way to the MHL interface , which allows a 1080p HD output through the microUSB port. MHL adapters are able to charge the device while we enjoy the HD output, but the problem is that we need that adapter, and not worth us with a simple cable. It’s a small detail, but I felt great on the Xperia S and Xperia T has lost. A shame, really.


    Sony Xperia T has a Li-Ion battery of 1850 mAh, a small change compared to that of 1750 mAh Xperia S, but well below the 2100 mAh of the Samsung Galaxy S III and practically the same as the 1800 mAh that of X. One HTC The figures released official times up to 450 hours of standby time on 2G, 410 hours on 3G, 7 hours of talk time on 2G or 3G and 16 hours music playback.

    The truth is that the first tests show that these durations are quite optimistic, but the model we tested is new and many times the battery needs a few cycles to adapt. This appears true because after several days of testing, has endured ever more and better, is something that has been noticing a lot. But still below SGSIII that after Razr and Razr Maxx battery is the best yields in a smartphone. We will find the same problems as with any smartphone in this regard. When it comes to batteries in these devices all we can hope for is that either works or is a fatal revolution allows us to avoid having to pass the phone to the charger in two or three days, and as we are neither one nor the other, there is not much to note.

    This is a normal battery, compliant without being the best. If separated by steps, would stay in second behind the aforementioned SGSIII, Razr and Razr Maxx.

    Global Experience and Conclusions

    with extraordinary characteristics, which has nothing to envy to any of the leading smarthpones currently the high end. And not only the characteristics, user experience is very good.

    emphasize the speed and fluidity of their operation, and design media experience, with excellent sound quality, a high resolution screen and quality and possibly the best camera currently riding a smartphone.

    Sony has learned a lot from their huge mistakes in the Android world, and Xperia T is the final evolution that almost made the Xperia S, but that some details are left behind, even as an excellent terminal. Perhaps this Xperia T miss some of the things I loved the Xperia S as the HDMI output, but they are key.

    They lie very lack the ability to change the battery placement microUSB on the bottom (to use as a GPS in the car this is very important) and the on / off switch on the top, so it does not bother or be confused with the volume buttons when used blind. Another thing is that hopefully come soon upgrade to Jelly Bean, which is so important and so well run at the terminals Android. Hopefully Sony comply in this regard, because it will be key to choosing between this and other handsets on the market, this is by far one of the best works on Ice Cream Sandwich. In Ultimately, the Sony Xperia T is one of the best smartphones out there now on the market. If you are planning to get one, do not hesitate, you will not go wrong with your purchase. Good design, good quality materials and excellent multimedia section. Article

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