Sony Xperia Z is the new name that the Xperia will Yuga

 Sony Xperia Sony Xperia Z Z is the new name that the Xperia will Yuga

No one knows the reasons why this situation would take her out, but apparently the company has decided to put a new name one of their mobile phones , it would be Sony Xperia Z.

Specifically, the Sony Xperia Z initially was given the name of Sony C660X Yuga, apparently it would not provide the desired result of marketing , according to the source, the rumor comes from XDA, who have been wrong in not in each of its news is easier to believe that the new name to be mentioned by the general public. Now, the interesting thing is in the specifications that come with this new model, something that probably is not going to please the .

features offered in Sony Xperia Z

As has been known, Sony Xperia Z would have a graphic quality of 443 ppi, something that surpasses all expectation, as usually offers 440 ppi by different manufacturers and, under Huawei, your device would offer only 361 ppi, so the current Sony would take advantage immensely. Other mentioned specifications that have a screen of 5 inch 1080p definition and rated IP55-IP57, which makes it resistant to water and dust, which we saw in the Xperia Acro S and the .

For those looking for extreme thinness, Sony Xperia Z has only 7.9 mm, This should be great if this does not sacrifice the power and autonomy of labor supplied by the battery. This model could be presented in early January as the various rumors, which would coincide with CES 2013 without a doubt.

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Sony Xperia Z is the new name that the Xperia will Yuga
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December 23, 2012

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