Sony Xperia Z Ultra: First Impressions of 6.4 Smartphone “


No one can deny, Samsung changed things with the range Note. Nobody thought that someone might want a phone for more than 5 “and over time has been demonstrating that we could not be more wrong. In fact the 5 “and are the standard to which approaches the high end, and there is a new range with a large number of users love the large screen size.

last month Sony introduced the Xperia Z Ultra, a kind of vitamin-Z Xperia some hardware changes but a very obvious on the outside, the size of your screen. Of the 5 “Xperia Z spent to 6.4” of this Z Ultra, a genuine outrage, but with a very loyal and adoring of these devices.


Sony invited us to their offices for a few hours to test the Xperia Z Ultra and live with it, can make first impressions. And remember they are just that, first impressions, because as much as one can squeeze a phone in a few hours, not able to get all the juice is not agreeing with him. But first look is interesting.

The bowels of Ultra Z are the same as the Z with some improvement, and one of the things that attracted the most attention and go back is that the camera stays with 8 MP, and I can say that is far below expectations. It is possibly the most disappointing.


Before proceeding we review the features of the Xperia Z Ultra:

    • 6-4 Screen 1080 x 1920 pixels
    • Processor Quad-core 2.2 GHz Krait 400
    • GPU Adreno 320
    • 2GB

    • RAM
    • 16GB of internal memory
    • 179.4 x 92.2 x 6.5 mm
    • 212 g
    • Android 4.2.2
    • 3000 mAh battery

    returned to the chamber. Although Sony is famous for its sensors and 8 MP should be enough for great pictures, it appears that failure of treatment, because they are not excellent. Here are some examples:

     DSC_0010  DSC_0011  DSC_0012  DSC_0013  DSC_0014

    Remember we talked about very early tests and terminal is a test, not the final. It was not until we prove the definitive when it goes on sale after IFA in Berlin, certainly improvement.

    The design is very similar to the Xperia Z, but huge. Speaking of ergonomics here is impossible, because unless you’re a player in the NBA or Big Foot, I doubt you can avail yourself of one hand to use the phone. The Xperia Z Ultra is meant for other things, and it is this use its main objective. Still, the design is very successful, and is even lighter than the Xperia Z, which makes it incredibly manageable. It feels firm and light in hand, and that is much appreciated for something that big.


    The Xperia Ultra is still submersible but improves a few things about the Xperia Z. To begin with, the tabs covering the connections have improved, rotated 360 degrees and are of a material that looks much more reliable than hitherto used. In addition there is one detail that I love, and that is that no jack connector tab and still get wet when you have no cable connected. It is designed in a watertight compartment separate from that of the rest of the phone, and can get wet without problems. This saves us the uncomfortable having this connector tab on the Z. A very in favor.

    To this we must add that the Xperia Z Ultra you can dip deeper and longer than the Xperia Z, as they have improved the impermeability of this.


    If anyone have or have tried the Xperia Z, fluidity and Xperia Z Ultra performance is very similar. It works great, is fast and gives us the feeling of a high end phone and well finished. A good glass materials front and back adds that good behavior without feeling fast and lag and annoying stoppages. Will have to see if it remains so after installing several applications and a few weeks of use, but that in the review below.

    One thing we could try is the stylus operation. Something very in favor of Ultra Z Xperia screen is that it works with any pen, we can take notes or draw with a regular pen or the tip of a pencil graphite. Interesting for when you hand carry the stylus.


    First impressions of this phone are excellent, and only lacks an best performance of the camera, hopefully Sony resolved. Of course we are talking about a type of phones designed for a very specific type of user, and it’s good news that Sony would dare enter this screen size.


    availability we will take one and do a full review of the phone, while we leave you with a short video in which we give a small tour of the phone, so you can see their actual size and a little above how

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    Sony Xperia Z Ultra: First Impressions of 6.4 Smartphone “
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