SONY Xperia Z1, all information and features

SONY Xperia Z1, all information and features

Now we are in full Sony IFA in Berlin and finally just made official phone everyone already knew their specifications and secret, at least under the table. But always good information to be made official and definitely know what lurks one of the three most powerful brands for next season.

Sony Xperia Z1 is the final name, whom we have known as Honami and zi1 has been taking over the past weeks and months. A bet of the Japanese firm that follows the design introduced with the Xperia Z, keeping the square lines, finishing with front and rear glass with the introduction of the aluminum frame and water resistance. But the Z1 introduces two major innovations over its predecessor, the Xperia Z. This is the camera and the battery, but we will talk of this phone thoroughly.

First things first, let the technical specifications of the Xperia Z1. I knew them almost all, but if you failed or had fallen by the wayside, here are collected:
  • 5 “screen with HD resolution technology Triluminos and 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 800 2.2GHz quad-core
  • 2GB RAM
  • main 20.7MP Camera
  • Exmor image sensor RS 1/2.3 “
  • G Lens
  • 2MP rear camera

  • NFC
  • Battery 3000 mAh
  • weight 140 grams
  • Colors white, black and purple

This seems an evolution of Xperia Z without so much as the camera actually has several points to comment on, so we’ll go slowly to not leave us anything. We have seen in the Z1 an important step forward in Sony, not only with the camera, if not better in important details and perhaps often go a bit unnoticed, but they clearly come from listening to the problems he had with his predecessor.


very fast

Looking Xperia Xperia Z and Z1 without going into too much detail will seem very similar, and it is. But we found a few points where they differ, and they are appreciated. The general line is maintained, with a square shape finished predominant Curved edges make this phone one of the most elegant. But what’s new.

To start has introduced an aluminum frame that covers the entire side terminal, which also act as trim multifunction antenna is the Xperia Z1. This framework is only interrupted by the buttons and side flaps, essential for water resistance, which certainly increases with respect to the Xperia Z with a higher grade reaching IP58 standard.

But there something very important that changes in these flaps, is that as did Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra is removed the headphones, leaving these open without affecting the water resistance. I mean, you do not have to open and close the tab for the headphones every time we connect and disconnect, as this is the air, a very wise decision and possibly the most annoying thing was the Z.


that you were all wishing we could talk more about this camera from Sony. The decision to incorporate the higher resolution sensor has a smartphone with difference is, at best, controversial. Image sensors are electronic parts that incorporate rectangular specific number of pixels, which is the resolution indicates this. The more photosensors (ie pixels) introduce a sensor, the worse is its ability to capture light and give more problems. Currently in the world of smartphones were for a maximum of 12MP, and there were many who claimed that much resolution does more harm than benefits the image and you can get better results with 8MP. Imagine how much the problem increases if we go to the 20.7MP Sony Xperia Z1.

How Sony has solved this problem? Using compact camera hardware and smartphone. The Xperia Z1 is the first smartphone that uses a specific hardware compact camera, and it shows in the sensor of 1/2.3 “and dedicated image processor used, which is the same as that of compact cameras Sony. Speaking of number of photosensors that fit on a chip is actually severely limit the problem, because in digital photography there is something as important as the image processor that helps make a difference, and is where Sony believes it can change everything.

With these things Xperia Z1 camera offers features like zoom up to 3x without losing image quality, ISO 3200 and higher image stabilization which had the Z.

Besides that uses Sony G Lens, which are the same lenses that incorporates into its compact cameras, but of course adapted to the size of a smartphone. We do not know whether, as Sony, the Xperia Z1 can reach the quality of a compact camera medium to high, but from then on paper seems to have done a great job. The next step is to thoroughly test this new camera and see if you really have something completely new to offer. No doubt that soon you will have results of our tests.

On the other hand the Sony camera application has been a good wash chamber. In fact now works as a hub of applications instead of an application with different functions. That is, each camera function now has become an applet, and find everything. It even has added a market where developers can create new applications for the camera, taking advantage from the phone’s features to augmented reality. For example, an application that includes Sony’s Social Live, which allows a live video streaming through Facebook we can share and limit who want our friends where they can see what is emitted from our camera. It’s just an example, and the possibilities are many.

The camera is certainly one of the strengths and where Sony wants to make their way. The bet on the Xperia Z1 is very strong, and the evidence really tell us if he has.


This point is highly related to the design, but I decided to take it out and treat you apart. With the Xperia Z1 Sony has taken one of those decisions as difficult as is to increase the battery on account of having to also increase the size.

The first thing you need to keep in mind that already if the new camera makes Xperia Z1 dimensions increase, and when we talk about a phone 5 “screens are saved dangerous limits of what can be right or not to use comfortably in the hand. 3000 mAh battery is considerably higher than that of Z1, and this also affects the size of this. A more capacity, bigger, and is very noticeable.

The Z1 is almost as wide and is nearly as thick as the Z, but the height difference is considerable. Greatly increase upper and lower frames for all the electronics and extra battery fit inside, and the result is a phone bigger and heavier. It becomes a high weight, but if we take one in each hand will notice a substantial difference.

From my point of view the Xperia Z was very near the limit of size and weight, and the Z1 though fails to overcome it remains the very same separation line. The good news is that we won a lot of battery power, and today that’s to celebrate. Is it worth it? Possibly yes, but to which 5 “and you look like a larger size will perhaps seem excessively large Z1. To taste the colors.


Besides offering a logical evolution with respect to Z Xperia Snapdragon processor 800 and the classic and typical increases in hardware, the Sony Xperia Z1 offers very interesting things 20.7MP camera with sensor, processor and lens compact level or 3000 mAh battery in a smartphone of 5 “.

are features that sound great on paper, and after the introduction of this new terminal we have a great taste, but they all have to go through further examination for us to check that indeed meets all expectations, so now we test and analyze thoroughly, which will in the next few hours and we’ll show you as soon as you have everything ready.

The Xperia Z1 will be available from late September in a move that seeks to anticipate the most of its rivals. The price is yet to confirm.

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