Soon you can control playback of YouTube with Google voice commands

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Google Now is one of those features that, while not use too much, are there to make our lives easier. One of the curiosities of voice commands Google is that is winning features noiselessly, without us knowing , to ninja. This time it has happened again the same, we find a series of commands to control playback of YouTube in the near future.

To achieve this, the first thing you have to do is play a app video on YouTube and, thereafter, you can control playback without using your hands (look Ma, no hands!). Yes, first of all it is that you have enabled the detection of the keyword that you use (Ok Google by default) from any screen (App Google> Settings> Voice>> Detection “Ok Google “.)

once enabled the detection of” Ok Google “(or the key that you have configured) from any screen, only you have to put a video on YouTube and use one of the following commands:

  • “Pause” – Pause the video (really?)

  • “Play” – The video is played or still playing

  • “Stop” – for video and closes the buffer

  • “Minimize” – the video screen is reduced and comes to lie on the corner lower right

  • “Maximize” – Sets the video on full screen

  • “Exit” or “Close Player” – Close the video, but left open YouTube

  • “Play on .. . “ or ” Connect to … “ – Continue playing the video on another device, the options are TV, Chromecast or Console.

  • “Disconnect from …” – The opposite to the previous command

  • “Skip ads” – ads

the utility of these commands instead of the simple gesture of pressing a button on the screen will jump is that you to control playback of videos when your hands are busy, for example, when you’re exercising or following a recipe (not want pringar your mobile cookie dough lumpy right?)

not yet known when these commands are available for public enjoyment , or whether there will be a Spanish version or should we say them “perfect” English, but it is clear that, at least, Google will give us options for us to use your voice commands

Via. | Android Police
Engadget Android | Google Launches Voice Access, its new accessibility to use our Android with voice

The news Soon you control playback of YouTube with Google voice commands was originally published in Engadget Android by Santiago Luque .

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Soon you can control playback of YouTube with Google voice commands
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