Spain, the microcosm of the tablets


could say that Spain is a country of “customs”, “brand” or anything that makes any study or comparative chart the evolution of a brand, an operating system or any other comparison, can make difficult any performed in comparison with other European countries, the United States or worldwide.

Android Although somewhat later came to our country than the United States, in less time hardscrabble Android as operating system adopted and used while still maintaining the “50% -50%” in the United States some dominance even Apple mobile models in the U.S. or European countries including the UK, however, in Spain, either for economic reasons , or cultural tastes, the Android phones are dominant midrange a total of 93.5% of smartphones are Android in our country taking Apple merely symbolic presence in the share of our mobile market.

This microcosm also be seen in the tablets which are also different in terms of global average graphs where, without going any further, the Apple tablet, the iPad has a well-known market share global approximate 32.4% however, in Spain, the iPad market share is 15 percentage points below that he owns in the world with a 18% market share and relegated to a second position tablets after Samsung .


As I said before, this may be due to several factors relevant :

12.997159004211426px;”> style=”line-height: Economic : The economic crisis is hitting so hard Spain makes us decant for affordable and reasonable price when buying a tablet regardless of brand. Samsung has launched many models and ranges covering most of pockets and we must recognize that the Korean company is really good in terms of money in many of its products.

  • Brand : In Spain, unlike other countries, Samsung is a brand which is considered as a leader in several segments and each is among the tablets, on the other hand, for the same reason as mentioned above. His huge number of models, sizes and prices as well as a great insight into the Spanish market.
  • Integrated Solutions : Samsung manufactures many electrical products such as air conditioners, televisions, DVD ‘s, Blu-Ray’s, Smartphones, etc.. Usually tends to create an ecosystem encompassed in one brand to help and facilitate them to enjoy all avoiding incompatibilities. For example the solution of the All-Share SmartTV and Blu-Ray, WiFi Air conditioning from terminals Samsung, etc..
  • There is another factor to be taken into account and that is not very common in other countries is that we have a good number of manufacturers “Made in Spain” they have seen in the tablet a good market in which to highlight the face of global giants such as Apple, Sony or Samsung and deserve their mention as thanks to its low cost, but their market shares are not astronomical, the Spanish together have a greater market share than Samsung or Apple is that the four companies that cover the TOP 7 ranking are Spanish .

    The Madrid BQ or Szenio, or the Cantabrian Catalan Wolder Sunstech are the clearest example of companies hitherto other sectors such as trailers, electronic or DTT manufacturers tablets have seen a lucrative growth market and an opportunity to create a budget friendly product for Spanish.

    No wonder the 8th position Asus because the study does not calculate GTK online sales , traditional sales only so, but you can buy Nexus 7 physical stores, it is more common to purchase this device from the Play Store.

    Although not listed in the graph, I would mention the brand NT-K, a brand fell victim to the typical strategies Apple to remove patent rivals and had nothing better to do than NT-K sue for plagiarism for allegedly copying their iPad. in which the company lost U.S. demand.

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    Spain, the microcosm of the tablets
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    August 20, 2013

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