Spanish actors make the americas (and very well done as well)


That a person leaves for work in another country, there is nothing special, even if we are talking about a very special profession as is the acting. And is that globalization has many faces, one of them, more and more actors we trying their luck across the ocean , with foreign productions in which the language is no longer presented as the great barrier .

This is a growing phenomenon , which is allowing us to see our fiction figures more and more international productions, alongside great stars of the industry. And we not just are talking about secondary, increasingly, españolitos have their protagonists. A move that will undoubtedly become more important when companies like Netflix are released to production in our country. So are the actors who have made the leap


Álex González

One of the last names to become part of this (increasingly less ) select list is Alex Gonzalez, who every Wednesday we see in the skin CNI agent, Javier Morey, in the series of Telecinco ‘the Prince’. His new venture is a fiction for the platform Hulu which is directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and where Gonzalez will play a hero with an uncertain past.

Miguel Angel Silvestre

the star of ‘Velvet’ has managed to become one of the actors fashion with one of the eight main characters ‘Sense8’ , fiction with the Wachowski brothers have given the jump to television from the hand of the powerful Netflix. Silvestre has been a big step in his career as the character profile is quite the type of paper that was used to playing away.

Alberto Ammann

And more Netflix around the world. It was a very pleasant surprise meet a Spanish among the ranks of high-quality fiction as’ Narcos ‘. In addition, the fact that the characters speak Castilian favored which will feature a Spanish actor (although this was not taken into account when looking at who would give life to the protagonist, a Escobar with a fierce look but much improved pronunciation).

Marta Torné and Antonio de la Torre

One of the series of recently released we have attracted most attention is ‘the infiltrator’ and not just because it adapts a novel by John Le Carré or brings us back to Dr. House , but also because it has two Spanish actors make this production look more sympathetically. De la Torre plays a lawyer, while Torne is the wife of Hugh Laurie.

Veronica Echegui

The Madrid actress who became famous for giving life to a neighborhood girl in ‘I am Juani ‘surprised with their participation in ‘ Fortitude ‘, the British series of Sky Atlantic . It is a co-production with Starz that tells a story full of mystery in thirteen chapters and has given us the opportunity to see Echegui in the role of Elena, a Spanish waitress.

Ivana Baquero

for an actress like Baquero, go for a career in the United States can take to reap huge international success. His choice for the character of Eretria in ‘The Shannara Chronicles ‘puts it in a privileged position to become a teen idol , a great way to find your place in this complex profession.

María Botto

The interpreter has reason to be doubly happy. In the production of Sky Channel ‘Mad Dogs’ , she gave life to a police officer with a lot to hide. Of course, he benefited for election that the action proceed in Mallorca. But later, when Amazon raised the American remake, Botto was the one chosen to play again the same character

Bonus. Juan Antonio Bayona

If the good work of our actors seems striking, we can not stop talking about this name, a film director that his success has led him to be in the crosshairs of producers and studios. Thus, Showtime trusted him to shoot some episodes of ‘Penny Dreadful ‘that series with such genuine atmosphere that only the hallmark of this author could nail.

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Spanish actors make the americas (and very well done as well)
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March 6, 2016

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