Spanish leaders in the call forFinodex: why?

Spanish leaders in the call for Finodex: why

The Spanish proposals are leading the call launched by the European accelerator Finodex. But what is the background of these figures?

From a total of 297 projects submitted to the European accelerator Finodex Spain has submitted a total of 78 Ideas which include both entrepreneurs and SMEs, making it the leading country in the entire European Union. And it is that our neighbors follow us, but by far: in Germany is second with 20, 19, Greece, United Kingdom with 15, Holland and Denmark tied with 11

The accelerator, which features. a total budget of EUR 4.64 million of to distribute repayable grants of between 10,000 and 170,000 euros, will announce its fortunate in September.

As for the projects are those focused on the business of smart cities and health which have drawn the attention of European coaches.

The investment is still insufficient, so still you have to go outside to look But back to the leadership of Spain in this competition. Everything points to think that could be good news: the quality and quantity of Spanish ideas are better than other countries. No sign indicates that this is not so. However, the prism is more expensive, the product is one of the most innovative, but also will have to think of the why such a large number of entrepreneurs and SMEs seeking funding abroad .

It is a fact that lending to small businesses has fallen; the latest data from the Bank of Spain estimates the credit in a decrease of 4.9% compared to 2014, though with even increase of 8% over the previous monthly record. Regarding startups in total has achieved an investment of 109 million over the first quarter of 2015, an astounding 152% in the same period of 2014 according to data from Startupxplore . It can not be said to be negative data, because since then has improved both data from the beginning of the crisis in funding and accelerating growth. But it is insufficient views. There are still few investors based in Spain, low confidence of private enterprise and financing rounds of low amount, because there is no doubt that the product like .


Spanish leaders in the call forFinodex: why?
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June 25, 2015

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