Spanish politicians and homeopathy: what could go wrong?

Spanish and Political Homeopathy: What could go wrong?

When politics is diluted in water, the ratio jumps out the window

said Groucho Marx politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, make a false diagnosis and then applying the wrong remedies “. You can wake us this statement a wry smile at a time marked by the election campaign, in which you proposed and programs are interspersed with slogans and promises. We face eight months as exciting as rapid, in which the emergence of citizens can and will change the political scene again.

Cocktail of electoral lists and candidates taste in the coming weeks, the proposals centered on health care are particularly relevant. Hypertext now analyze foreign policy relations with the Spanish homeopathy . What parties and figures have rejected its use? Who have flirted with this pseudoscience, making false diagnoses and applying the wrong remedies , to quote Groucho Marx?

Esperanza Aguirre and homeopathy

The damn hemeroteca sometimes plays tricks on those who engage in politics. Just ask today but the mayoral candidate of Madrid by the Popular Party, Esperanza Aguirre . In 2010, the then president of the Community of Madrid inaugurated the restoration of Homeopathic Institute and Hospital of San Jose, located in the district of Chamberí.

The building, built in the nineteenth century, was declared a Cultural interest in 1997. From 1998-2010, Madrid spent more than three million euros to its rehabilitation , of which 1.4 million were contributed by the Caja Madrid Foundation. These investments might seem normal if you stick to the historical significance of the property. However, still today we can read on the website of gobierno regional the services offered by the company, among which courses and seminars on homeopathy and acupuncture.


If you visit the website of Instituto Homeopathic Hospital and St. Joseph , also we see that its activities are not only formative. The center also provides “specialized consultations to help people with cancer homeopathy”. In addition, the company also offers acupuncture consultations. Esperanza Aguirre not know whether he was aware of their pseudoscientific services, but what is certain is that the Homeopathic Hospital dedicated a recuerdo grateful when the political left office Madrid regional government. Purely coincidental?

Homeopathy heart

Who knew that Esperanza Aguirre and Juan Carlos Monedero had something in common called homeopathy? Three years before can burst with strength in the electoral arena, professor at the Complutense was unknown to much of society. At that time, the political scientist was immersed in the 15-M movement, and described his excitement in the blog Eating ground , hosted on the website of the journal public .

In May the streets were filled with people outraged by the political situation, cuts, unemployment and corruption. Thousands of people were demonstrating in the Spanish streets or concentrated in the Puerta del Sol. Anonymous people who demanded a change of course before the outbreak of the economic crisis. In July 2011 the protests turned to Sun, and Juan Carlos Wallet compared with marches called “heart homeopathy ‘.

And we again Again Sol indignant and outraged. A July 23, bridge, summer. It was impossible. But here we are again. […] This is not spent. It’s too important. The marches, as a cardiology homeopathy, has cleaned the arteries of the country and has allowed the movement to regain a lifestyle. For the heart, in the Puerta del Sol, again beating. Santiago hundred paths where you do not expect to find any fraud, but where you find yourself on the other, in every town, in their desire to speak, in their desire to share. We have two days of discussions and proposals.

Flirting Purse, who resigned a few days ago we address with the thymus of homeopathy is sadly familiar in many movements considered progressives. It also explained Pablo Echenique in an interview with Materia, where the MEP said that “in the left sometimes people become unscientific.” can unofficial circles on natural therapies and homeopathy or internal debates of the Plaza We can Reddit are also proof.

First party rejects homeopathy

Just as important is to denounce the flirtations with homeopathy, and praise the political efforts to reject It uses. In that regard it is noteworthy figure Eparquio Delgado, author of “Self-help books: what a rip off” In 2012, this psychologist promoted the adoption of a resolución rejection of homeopathy and pseudoscientific therapies in the Federal Assembly X Izquierda Unida .


Jose Camó / Izquierda Unida (Flickr)

In the text, defended the need to promote “those health practices based on empirical knowledge demonstrated and demonstrable” . Delgado and denounced the danger of therapies like homeopathy, a practice which although not based on scientific principles, had managed to gain ground in universities and even began to demand to be funded public health. An idea rejected by Medical Association, which in late 2013 asked not unproven by scientific evidence be endorsed treatments.

Catalonia and natural therapies

One of lime and sand. If you read our practical manual of good magufo, you will see that the term “natural therapies” is routinely used to refer to treatments as pseudoscientific as card scam. And in politics, unfortunately, fashion therapy Nature has not gone unnoticed.

Parliament of Catalonia the palm is carried by his attempts regularize alternative treatments such as homeopathy, counting even with the consent of the lobbies therapies natural . The first example is found in the Decree 31/2007, the regulatory framework that initially prompted the Government on these treatments, and it would then annulled by the Superior Court of Catalonia. In it we could find arguments as crude and disparate as these:

The existence of different ways of understanding the person, diagnosis, disease and treatment related to the tradition of different cultures, conditions or medical criteria and different treatment options. These various conceptions are found in both the official, conventional or allopathic medicine, as in other so-called non-conventional, complementary, alternative, natural or holistic criteria. Each of these criteria used remedies or different techniques. The criteria on which natural therapies are based are based on a different philosophical base that supports conventional or allopathic medicine and apply diagnostic and therapeutic processes themselves.

The annulment of that decree does not He stopped the lobbies of pseudoscientific therapies, which in 2014 returned to the charge. As you can read on the website of Higher Institute of Traditional Medicine The group applauded the adoption of a draft resolution of the Parliament on these treatments, achieved, according to the company, “after many years of hard work.” Pseudoscience policy embraces provided You can, and this happens more and more often

The document , powered by Convergence and Union , Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and the parliamentary groups of CSS , PP and Ciutadans , encouraged the regional government to regulate the situation of therapies natural , or have no scientific basis. Although the text is not as controversial as the Decree of 2007, it makes it clear that these are being done on “healthy”, provided no claim to heal, the truth is that it is striking repetitive mention of the term ‘natural’.

Unfortunately for our health, pseudoscience embraces politics whenever possible, and this happens more and more often. Last April, the City of Ponferrada (León) collaborated on the second edition of Congress on Medicine and Natural Therapies , in which topics such as homeopathy, osteopathy or espinoanalogía were treated. Even in the canary municipality of Santa Ursula, as denounced in Magonia, the municipality governed by the PSOE public funds earmarked for a homeopathic doctor.

When the campaign has only just begun, it would be desirable that political parties ensure our health and stop diverting resources and efforts towards deceptions such as the homeopathy. Contribute to pseudoscience have a gap in health care and that groups like these therapies pressure on public managers is fraud at the expense of the ignorance of the public. . Because politics, like medicine, should also be exercised from scientific evidence


Spanish politicians and homeopathy: what could go wrong?
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May 8, 2015

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