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The evolution of mobile has experienced rising screens, especially on devices high end. This has reached the point that multi-window becoming a really important value , which would rule until recently.

In this regard, the LG G Flex has included Aside function Slide , which allows us to move between three different apps by swiping three fingers. This LG aims to speed in a more direct way change between applications that we are using at any given time.

 lg g flex 2

Another added feature is adding function Dual Screen , which allows from the screen into two windows to handle two types of content different at the same time . This begins to make sense on mobile multitasking.

 lg g flex

But the thing does not end there, but there is another utility where we can overlay over other windows , so that the feeling of multitasking is completely real. In fact, we could make a list of some of the applications on multitasking hitherto existed in the market . In this way we could nombar some :

Fancy Switcher

A published in this month application that shows recent applications shaped cards with previews of the same, can browse, closing down or sliding into them directly.

 Fancy switcher2

Application in Google Play


OmniSwitch is the new way of multitasking developed by OmniROM floating window, which would default on their ROMs. But this utility has been so highly valued, that have been extracted to port it to other devices.

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This application, the same creator of Siderbar or Roundr allowed by sliding from one side of the screen, pass between the applications you have open , ie, similar to how it passes between tabs in Chrome.

 switcher 2

Application in Google Play

Loopr Task Switcher

Loopr is an application that handles differently show our multitasking device. Just slide from one side of the screen , show us a Loopr arc around our finger with the applications we have in multitasking. Everything at your finger.

centre;”>  loopr-switcher-beta-capture-1

Application Google Play


A XDA developer has made porting multiwindow function OmniROM for all Android devices root and have Xposed Framework installed.

centre;”>  multiwindow-samsung


PSwitchApps help us enhance our multitasking on Android. This is based on a small icon permanently displayed on your screen and you can move to any of this. This icon we access SwitchApps multitasking.

centre;”>  AppSwitch

Application Google Play


Finally, we mentioned the new app MultiTasking an app whose operation is really simple: the application will us a hidden menu on the left (the style Drawer Navigation used in Android). With swipe menu we can see that looking at all the things we can do with the application.


However, there are some criticism because application is still far from perfect . The windows do not jump to the forefront when selected, which means having to resize and minimize if we hide it. A point in favor of the application is that we store the size and location on the screen.

Watch the video

also be noted that each multitasking seems to own, because the browser Chrome is not, nor is YouTube window, for example.

But while not perfect, is a very new and promising application. In addition, the application works very good with the new launcher of Google Now, although we have to get used to the swipe gesture from the left. This is definitely an application with great potential, especially in the case of 10-inch tablets.

 multitasking 2

The application is available on Google Play March 2 , with an average of 4 out of 5 on their ratings.

Application in Google Play

As conclusion , we can only say that area multitasking is something that is still in operation and growth , but increasingly we find more applications for it (not just on this list, but many others, such as here ).

But solution is a third party application? How Android is updated with any of these features?

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Special Best Multitasking Apps for Android enhance multitasking
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April 21, 2014

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