Special: The evolution of Android, from the beginning until now (Part 1)

Android has experienced a radical evolution both in the same operating system as the mobile ecosystem from birth and since its purchase by Google until today. In this special will begin its journey from that Android was a Beta product in November 2007. However, was almost a year later , in September 2008 when the first version was launched full commercial and Android, the Android version 1.0 under the code name for Apple Pie.

Now more than ever, with Android mobile OS leader in both market share and in innovation, and the gates to unveil a new Android version 4.3, this review will help us understand better what has changed these years, and with each update innovating and giving big steps forward to move from being an alternative, to be the benchmark.



MWC Mobile World Congress was very special for Android fans because it was the year in which the country’s major carriers announced the availability of the first phones with this operating system as the HTC Dream with Movistar and HTC Magic with Vodafone .

This meant that Spain met Android versions from 1.5 Cupcake and 1.6 Donut but we did not know they had earlier versions such as Android Beta, Android 1.0 Apple Pie or Banana Bread Android 1.1 since, although initially the HTC Dream was released with Android version 1.0 Apple Pie, to get to Spain, and was on Android 1.5 Cupcake version.

Through this post as we like to show has evolved and improved Android since that November 2007 with the dates of their releases and highlights improvements that meant.

Due to the extent it can reach This post be divided into two parts to be able to show all changes and versions of Android from birth to the present day.

Android Beta Android Beta was released November 5, 2007 , for this reason is considered November 5th birthday on Android. This first version was more a concept than a finished product that in each new version of the SDK had numerous changes and radical changes in its interface, operation and shortcuts. It really highlights the launch of Android Beta was the establishment’s own operating system kernel.


Android 1.0 Apple Pie


Android 1.0 Apple Pie was the first version of Android commercial released and this release was made by the HTC Dream September 23, 2008 . The HTC Dream was the first mobile with the Android operating system being in the market and was the starting gun on the market and marked the before and after as the ecosystem of mobile telephony in time was dominated by Symbian with a new operating system called iOS which was making its way along with BlackBerry or Windows Mobile timidly peeked with the HTC Diamond.

Obviously, this was the version of Android with a greater number of innovations and additions of all lived in the evolution and growth of entaba s Android as the basis for the beginning of a new OS commercially.

The most important news and additions to Android 1.0 were:

style=”line-height: 13px;”> Incorporation of a market for buying and downloading apps under the name Android Market .

  • support multiple browser windows and able to open web pages in HTML and XHTML.
  • Basic support for camera.
  • Ability to create folders and introduce them application icons from the desktop.
  • Accessing email servers web protocols supporting POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP .
  • Synchronization with Google products: Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts.
  • product Incorporation Google: GTalk, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Sync and Google Search.
  • IM, SMS and MMS.
  • Player (unsupported to play video ).
  • Support for phones with LED.
  • Notifications on the status bar with ability to set alerts ringer, LED or vibration.
  • voice dialing .
  • Support wallpapers and widgets .
  • WiFi Connectivity Bluetooth.
  • Incorporating basic applications: Alarm, Settings, Calculator, Dialer, Desk and Gallery.
  • Android 1.1 Banana Bread

    Android 1.1 Banana Bread was a small update posted on February 9, 2009, also to exist at that time only the HTC Dream, this update was oriented exclusively to this terminal small resolving errors detected, improving and changing the API and adding a number of new features. View changelog .

    New features:

    style=”line-height: 13px;”> Added detail and reviews on places and businesses in Google Maps .

  • Change screen named as new screen where handsfree use and ability to show-hide the keypad.
  • Possibility of save attachments in the messages.
  • Marquee

  • Support system designs.
  • Watch the video

    Android 1.5 Cupcake

    Cupcake for many was the first Android version that we could live and enjoy in Spain . Its official launch was the April 30, 2009 and although it is true that the HTC Dream come by default with the first versions, to get to Spain after being fired for the first time and showed the update for Cupcake . This version was based on Linux kernel 2.6.27 and the desktop theme also incorporated would be incorporated in future versions of Android. Changelog .

    This was a great upgrade and incorporated a large number of news and additions to Android as they were:

    style=”line-height: 13px;”> Skill upload photos to Picasa and videos to YouTube

  • can incorporate third-party keyboards with word prediction and user custom words.
  • Possibility of recording and playing videos in formats of MPEG-4 and 3GP.
  • Support widgets on your desktop in different sizes, with animations and automatic refresh .
  • Built

  • the ability to copy and paste in the web browser.
  • Autotune and support for Bluetooth stereo.
  • Avatars and pictures of contacts to be displayed in the contacts section “favorites”.
  • Added on animated effect during startup.
  • autorotation option as the position of the mobile.
  • Transition

  • animated screens.
  • Date and time displayed in the call log as well as ability to access the contact by selecting your card from call log.
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    Android 1.6 Donut

     HTC Magic

    Android 1.6 Donut was another great update released on September 15, 2009 and with this new version will present a new Android phone in the mobile phone world, the HTC Magic. This update came packed with new features and improvements over previous versions ( changelog ) :

    • Considerable improvement in the search for text and voice input including indexing the history search bookmarks, contacts and web .
    • search is improved Android Market and incorporate scanned images applications.
    • Motor multi-language for speech synthesis and allowing third-party applications can make use of them to use it.
    • Improved

    • gallery, camera and video camera as well as direct access to the various functions such as record or capture, incorporating improvements to the camera and increased speed of it.
    • Ability to select and delete multiple photos from the gallery at one time .
    • Framework and extended gestures GestureBuilder new development tool.
    • Support for CDMA / EVDO, 802.1x, VPNs and engine text-to-speech.
    • Support for WVGA screen resolutions .

    Android 2.0/2.1 Eclair:

    The October 26, 2009 it launched another big update for Android in which both its improvements and additions as manufacturers terminals pushed for Android launching with this operating system as the Motorola Droid who joined those already present as the HTC Hero.

    If you look at the release dates despite the great improvements which were incorporated in the new Android versions, it created a problem and was the fragmentation . Donut was still reaching many phones while others continued with Cupcake no date scheduled for upgrade to Donut, nevertheless it appeared Eclair where changes in Android were radical in both its architecture and its interface and usage:

    • With Eclair was possible to add multiple accounts on the phone to sync mail and contacts.
    • Creating a tray combined to find mail from multiple accounts on the page.
    • Support Bluetooth 2.1 and built the ability to transfer and share files through this protocol.
    • Possibility of click on the avatar or photo of a contact to call, send an SMS or email directly.
    • Ability to delete oldest SMS and MMS should have filled the memory of this messaging and index these messages in the search.
    • Great improvements in camera as flash support, digital zoom, scene mode, white balance, color effects and macro focus.
    • Improved virtual keyboard to increase its speed and adding a smart dictionary able to add new words and to display our contact names as suggestions.
    • Greatly improved Android browser incorporating thumbnails favorites , zooming with touch-double, support for HTML5 and support geoocalización of user to display information related to its proximity .
    • Improved calendar showing the status of each guest and ability to invite new.
    • Improved

    • speed and process in hardware and revamped GUI.
    • 3.1.2 Incorporation of Google Maps
    • support more screen sizes and resolutions .
    • Incorporating animated wallpapers able to interact with user gestures.
    • Support Exchange.

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    In addition to this major update was followed by two minor updates to fix bugs or minor improvements with Android 2.0. 1 Eclair released December 3, 2009 and released Android 2.1 January 12.

    In the next post will show the changelog, improvements and 2.2.X versions from Android Froyo to the present.

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    Special: The evolution of Android, from the beginning until now (Part 1)
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