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continue the previous Special” Travel Organizers for Android” taking into account the time in which we and the proximity of the holiday for many of us and many others that have already been. This time we will show the travel guides that can help you not to lose any detail, any characteristic place, historical or entertainment in your vacation spot both nationally and internationally and especially in the latter case if you do not have a plan roaming.

continue the previous Special" Travel Organizers for Android" taking into account the time in which we and the ...

The idea for this post was born during my last trip abroad, in London where I was compiling the experiences suffered or experienced in the last year on my trips to USA, France, Belgium, Holland and Italy between other. Having tried a few and other applications on each output improving the experience and expertise in these through my Android and through the use of some applications on Play Store, mostly free to take full advantage and that will:

Google Maps

Lately this “application” has undergone radical changes that are far did you use before the change to the new Google Maps, however still as valid although it is now a more ugly as I will comment below.

Before making a trip through the looking finder “captive ” when visiting a city and compiled those points that can not be miss through your tool Maps Engine Lite. Through this platform you can add the highlights on a custom map and create an outline for days or even ordered by proximity assigning each certain points or distinctive avatars you provide the identify (eg, museums, monuments, sports, shopping, hotel, etc)

With the new Google Maps application waiting for a new version that includes these maps as you could in earlier versions before this change, now personal maps are not visible from the application being necessary to access the web from the mobile version to them is using the WiFi captures Hotel or base.

Moreover, Google Maps can be a great ally to avoid having to carry around the typical tourist maps provided to us allowing hotels downloaded for offline map both the old version and the new. If the new does not have a button to save the map simply put “ok maps” in the browser to save the area which we have in the mobile view.

left;”> Application on Google Play

The secret of TripAdvisor is that because of his great experience and seniority in the field of local and importance in the tourism industry is by far the tool More reviews and opinions has over 100 million views and comments of travelers and tourists.

In this way, thanks to its own generated content is very useful for users to find or detect both the best restaurants, the best attractions, best places recommended and, if still have not made a reservation, able to book a room in a hotel considering its cost and services, booking tables at hotels and even flights.

Through TripAdvisor can find restaurants by type of food (by price and rating by other users), ideas to do or see in our destination, use the geo-mobile for which options We next (or search for a particular direction), search their knowledge base typical questions about where we are or make your own questions, add opinions, photos and videos that we visit.

Application on Google Play

By Moreover, TripAdvisor has another application oriented city guides (the typical tourist books) but in our Android at the same price as their main application, ie totally free .

catalog TripAdvisor City Guides is a pocket personal advisor to help you plan your trip with the option to download any guide in a particular city.

One of the first advantages is the ability to work offline as previously have downloaded all the information is from your home town before starting the journey or WiFi from your hotel.

Moreover, the application allows tours or self-guided tours through a city. These tours are conducted through the content and participation of other users who have created or have done to explore interesting places such as neighborhoods, famous monuments and details that might otherwise habérnoslos lost. On the other hand, uses the phone’s GPS to know which places have closer or let us know if we all had a long and do not pay attention they deserve.

There is a similar system that visualises Google Maps how to get to a certain point on the map using geo mobile and compass using previously downloaded maps and.

TripAdvisor local maps are available for the following cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Austin, Bangkok, Barcelona, ​​Beijing, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Marrakech, Miami and Miami Beach, Milan, Montreal, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Paris, Philadelphia, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna and Washington DC.


Minube has over 230,000 experiences, opinions and reviews created in the community of minube and more than 1,200,000 pictures. Social tool is most important travel, known and used in Spain so, even though it has far fewer reviews than other applications such as TripAdvisor, the vast majority of these are in Spanish.

The advantages and features of this application are as follows:

  • Ease of finding interesting places such as restaurants, lodging and points of interest in a very nice and intuitive.
  • Ease

  • when sharing your experiences with your contacts and acquaintances as well as images.
  • can create your own playlists and save location, destination, places that you liked, recommended places to eat and, likewise, to make a list that will be more collaborative great to be able to share it with other contacts that may include their opinions and tastes so as to make this list public or only visible to the contacts you want.
  • Using an intelligent system called “inspiring “taking into account your tastes and experiences to recommend places that can tell you the similar as you’ve shared or have been and you liked it.

As you can see, Minube is a social application the rest by focusing especially on your tastes, your contacts, your experiences and build virtually anything on the content generated by other users through its community.

Undoubtedly, its interface is the most elaborate and beautiful of the applications shown in this post.

Application on Google Play


TouristEye is a classic about travel guides for Android and its main advantage is its potential offline allowing practically do everything without being constantly needed WiFi or Mobile.

From both TouristEye website from your application as you can create a list of ideas for your travels and if to call attention to a particular place, city or destination you can point it at a ” wish list “and have it in mind for future trips.

TouristEye The way of collecting places visited or unwanted is the most simple and easy to use with simple ” Like “,” I’ve been “or” I wanna go “that provide the tool to recommend the maximum possible sites and with the utmost skill to be able to collect lots of data and tastes about you and your travels.

Furthermore, both the planning and organizing your trip is entirely visual making it much faster to the point of doing in a few minutes since TouristEye has over 10,000 destinations and 300,000 sites, activities, points of information or experiences.

As Minube, TouristEye also allows the creation of lists and that they can be collaborative and integrating third-party services such as Yelp or FourSquare expanding their knowledge base.

Application on Google Play


These applications can help, not only to fully enjoy your holiday without having to resort to chance to enjoy the holiday destination but also to share your views with your contacts, gather views to make a post in your blog or collection of images from each of these places and enjoy real social networks as Minube or TouristEye where your destination enjoy both current and potential ideas and inspirations for future holidays.

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Special: Travel Guides on Android

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