SpeedCharge and BoostCharge, ads on the loading screen to cancel your unlock pattern


This April has left a new pair of adware that threaten peace and security in Android . They are SpeedCharge and BoostCharge , two names for the same advertising network installation in the background that appears as a false loading screen when the phone is connected to power.

It’s not just a ruse to sneak advertising. It also has a pair of harmful consequences slows down the loading speed by keeping the power on to display the ads screen, what is worse, skip patterns unlock and access to content.

But gradually get to know what apps are responsible and how to address


How they work these adwares

complaints about SpeedCharge and BoostCharge, especially the first, are increasingly common in the technology forums. The common factor to all of them is that began from April 2 and appeared without installing apps via APK, always following the normal procedure for downloading .

Suddenly, after install other applications from Google Play, dozens of users have seen a new screen appears when your phone is connected to the charger. It shows the percentage of load, the remaining time, a button to unlock the screen and, in between, a large advertising banner.

SpeedBoost 1

the problem is not only meddling, is that if you connect the charger confident that your phone was blocked the possibility to access your content just click on that ad. Mobile leads directly to the download page bypassing the unlock pattern on the screen or print that the user had activated.

In addition, as has been shown those affected, cleaning tools and antivirus like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware not detect as a threat right now, so do not act against they.

How to Uninstall SpeedCharge and BoostCharge

As these two adwares fall below other applications which are available in Google Play the first half, to be taken is Uninstall any app that is on the blacklist SpeedCharge and BoostCharge .

You can not say it is complete but gradually discovering what they are responsible. There are some developers who have their whole infested catalog, so that any of its programs will bring this series of unwanted ads.


if you have the problem and you have not installed any application from the list, you can discover what brought you the problem in a simple way that has discovered the user Reddit TofuVic: must be given to the app that is running the process ChargeLockerService . To achieve this it is necessary to follow the path Settings -> Development Options -> Running services, and then go reviewing one by one the processes that turn individually.

Some of these applications do have in your settings menu information about this advertising, and even allow choose to no longer appears marked by a box. However, users report that is automatically reactivated and returns to bother with ads during battery charge.

List of applications that install adware

This is the list of applications known to date that install SpeedCharge and BoostCharge. It has created the TofuVic itself with the comments found in various websites and forums across the network, and will continue to grow as more are discovered.

  • Apps of GO Launcher EX (GO Weather, GO SMS, GO Keyboard, Next Browser and many more)
  • Apps TouchPal (over 100 apps keyboards, emoji and fonts)
  • Apps Zero Team (Z Camera, Z Speed ​​+, Zero Weather and more)
  • Xender, Fast Transfer
  • KittyPlay wallpaper, theme
  • Widget Amber Weather
  • ES App locker

If you have experienced this problem and has been with a different app leave us a comment and we will add to the list. And if you know another way to solve it also will add to the post. While Google Play still not control this type of adware, we must pay close attention to each installation

More information. | Reddit
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SpeedCharge and BoostCharge, ads on the loading screen to cancel your unlock pattern
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May 5, 2016

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