Splay Launcher, a completely different look to the Android interface


One of the advantages of touch phones, including many, is being able to manipulate the entire screen and access all menus using a single hand, while the other can carry a bag, have it in your pocket or hold on to the meter bar. But it has reached a point where having such huge mobile screens, are beyond the reach of our fingers many options and menus that prevent access to those who have smaller hands.

It is therefore developed a new interface for Android, called Splay Launcher application, which replaces the main screen menu shaped “round cake” or roulette, you can move up and down to access the different functions and each part being a fragment triangular menu . We will have access to the main menus and submenus within them some simply sliding your finger left when illuminated section in which we enter. It seems very strange this new focus on Android and hard to imagine, but it’s surprising how well it integrates the Android application menus like the songs, the call log, the gallery or messages.

By Now the app is in beta and has some bugs (eg quits unexpectedly) but can be a good alternative when you have its functions 100%. You can get off Splay Launcher and test how you interface the original desenvolvéis here .

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Splay Launcher, a completely different look to the Android interface
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May 6, 2013

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