Sports applications tested: myTracks, Endomondo, Strava and RunKeeper Which is better?

 is not the first time we talk about sports and Android is that thanks to the good predisposition of our smartphones and with the right tools we can maintain good monitoring our progress sports . This is nothing like a good application that will complete the information, we do supply of all possible data that meets our requirements. If you have not decided on a we will introduce and discuss the comparative experience with four My Tracks, Endomondo, Strava and RunKeeper.

For this we have used different experiences in several days mainly in two different sports: running (running) and mountain biking. These are the two sports I practice a very common and I’ve been experimenting with applications seeking their strengths and weaknesses. I’m not a professional athlete but go out almost every day so I like to have full stats of my progress.

have been tested in circumstances similar routes to try and have a vision same conditions in four. I am of the view that there is a better or worse, just need to find the one that best suits us and through this comparison we will try to see the advantages and disadvantages of each.


And of course, let’s start with one of the applications in a short time has become one of the most popular in its field. Endomondo is a versatile application, with a wide variety of options and especially when you’re starting is one of the most frequent. We can use both to record physical activity to follow challenges and propose different types of workouts.

 You can register almost anything with Endomondo, although I personally would rely exclusively on everything can actually be measured by the sensors of the phone (eg swimming can measure, but without taking the phone …). Endomondo is adapted to many disciplines and although I mainly used two can say that as multipurpose application is very interesting.

Another attract a lot of layers Endomondo is undoubtedly the ability to interact both social networks and with other users of the application. This is undoubtedly one of the most important keys of all sports application. Because it is very encouraging that your friends can see your progress and that can comment, and vice versa. Besides, it never hurts a little healthy competition right?


I tested Endomondo on outputs bicleta running and mountain. In fact Endomondo was the first application I used when I started making sport more seriously 7 months ago. Your answer is good and the data it collects are quite reliable but if you make that counts can pause a little ma s, especially in the matter of calories (although always an approximate figure). Both in a form as in other Endomondo very complete data delivery and let me know the evolution of my output at all times.

The software will report the mileage and time intervals, which comes in handy to see how we go. This is very important when trying to improve yourself or overcome a particular brand. And the truth is that I have been particularly great running outputs repeating sections where I could know if I would rate better or worse. Perhaps what fails a bit is the accuracy on some data that both GPS and calories have become a little crazy.

Overall is an application that works great but perhaps depending on your level seems slightly generic.


Complete and versatile.

  • details and quite reliable.
  • Ability to schedule workouts.
  • Ability to import / export activities of other devices and / or applications.
  • Social: Compete with friends, watch their movements or share with social networks.
  • too generic if you want something for a specific sport.

  • Design a little cluttered and perhaps impractical.
  • few customization options.
  • My Tracks

    Google had once seen the reef in the area of ​​data collection while doing routes of all kinds. The truth is that from the beginning the application was a project of a group of programmers from Google, investing that part of the hours they can spend on their own projects in this application.

     And the truth is that it was so practice that has continued to evolve to get an application adapted to various types of activities and with a more modern and renovated. The facelift has sat well and have a few more options and a presentation of data more understandable.


    I had used myTracks long as he left to do some mountain walk and others. It was a very compact and it was pretty limited. With the renewed version I wanted to try it and I did, both with cycling career. The result was expected, as for data collection and application reliability, MyTracks is 10. But it lacks many details to be polished. Call it an application for occasional use is fine but that is very lame if we require a little more. Meets just to function, but we have more data than distance, height and average speeds. If we want to know the partial run-time and if we can provide some data, always appreciated.

    And it compare with the competition makes us see as an application myTracks Justito. Missing many options and is well behind what they offer other applications. It is useful, it is light and simple but perhaps not for those who want to interest more of our performance data, and can be sorted and easy reference. Sharing options are more limited and we do not have any social interaction , which is motivating and makes us more faithful to the application.


    Simple and easy to use.

  • Good data collection and reliability.
  • is ideal for occasional users and for walking tours.
  • Cons:
  • Very limited for the sportsman media.
  • few options.
  • Poor visually.
  • Strava

    Strava is an application that has quickly earned a good user community. Certainly has many strengths and come wrapped in hand made iOS users that soon reached this popularity. Strava comes in two modes, cycling and running. Both applications are exactly the same but differs activity separating the application into two.

    One of the things that attract This application is a careful look and a concept distinct from applications to the use of this type. The organization of data representation and orderly who like details, as the issue of competition between users and friends and the ability to import or export information Strava makes quite complete application.

    Its easy to share the output is also a plus, along with the medals that we can win competing against our best times or against other users who frequent the same sections as us.


    I’ve used both cycling and running strava to check with both such behave in the two modes. Like the rest, the operation is quite simple, launch application, put a record and we start jogging. As with the rest going to be able to consult our own progress in the terminal screen, but partial Strava will not “spoken” of our times.

    It seems to me to have to walk unhelpful tinkering the application while we are in the “job”, and like the other analyzed Strava we’ll just start recording and totally unconcerned. It misses an approximation of the evolution of the software spoken form but Strava everything and that seems very complete and a representation of the results very interesting. Another thing that is much appreciated and inviting continue growing and playing sports is the theme of personal brands, which are represented as Strava medals. To compete with oneself and with others is a plus rather interesting and motivating.


    reliable and stable.

  • Very worked visually .
  • good representation of the data collected.
  • Layer

  • social and personal merits very helpful and motivating.
  • Cons:

    No part-time “talking” while in route.

  • Only two sports.
  • No Spanish version.
  • training can not prepare the application.
  • Download Google Play Strava Cycle


    not be fooled by its name. Run bearing the word does not make an application to run exclusively. Like the rest RunKeeper supports many sports. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this application is its ability to propose and sports programming challenges. It also has a good selection of training with which to test us. and analyze what you already have more details here.

    The application does not have much secrecy in operation and as the other analyzed their options are quite similar with respect to record data. RunKeeper also has a good way to have well-organized records of outputs and can customize the names of them. As far as the social aspect refers merely to RunKeeper social sharing our outings and little else. But this lack is compensated with very comprehensive training and overcoming the goal base yourself and you fight with and compete.


    Once I decide to get down to work first thing that surprises me is the configuration application prior to use, something that unlike other can be done fairly easily from within the application. And best, we ask what is our aim. When one tries to go forward especially in the aspect of running a help is much appreciated. Both Endomondo and RunKeeper have this mode of trying to overcome a certain time or a set mileage.

    For RunKeeper established a goal that was affordable for me to see how it worked and the fact is that I positively surprised. Everything on the run and when we are playing sports, is just like everyone else, his voice notification with the times and the objectives are somewhat distinctive from the others. If looking for an application to watch and grow in your performance may be a good option RunKeeper.


    Great setting and monitoring of targets (Distances, loss weight or exercise time).


  • quite agile and light.
  • information well organized and intuitive.
  • Cons:
    • poor representation of the information collected.
    • Missing options to import / export to and from other apps.
    • graphically improved interface.
    The problem is that they are all fairly generic and clear, tailored to all audiences is quite a challenge.

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    Sports applications tested: myTracks, Endomondo, Strava and RunKeeper Which is better?
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