‘St. Noire’, the board game in which you solve a murder with Alexa

In these times of continuous changes, we are already familiar (for futuristic enough) with the option of virtual assistants controlled by voice. In that a priori we had not repaired it is in the possibilities these offers in the field of leisure. The classic board games have evolved, and as reflected by for example St. Noire, aimed to solve a murder through interactions with Alexa.The proposal of X2 Games came out in the u.s. market for a few months, although it has been put again today by the innovation award harvested in the framework of the CES 2020, the media fair of consumer technology to be held in Las Vegas.The premise of St. Noire is recognized by its inclusion in the thriller and the black genre: in a small town has committed a murder, and the detective has seven nights to find clues, conduct interviews and use their abilities deductive. However, the board and the letters with the assumptions involved, and the potential gun murderers have the fundamental complement and eye-catching to Alexa.The first step, besides buying the physical game and add the skill (functionality) to the corresponding wizard, that is to say “Alexa, open St. Noire. From there, you can ask him to look at the locations key, and interrogate each one of the 12 suspects (the mayor, the sheriff, the doctor, a waitress…), in respect of which it must be clear that more than one of us is going to lie.Designed for greater than 12 years and to enjoy it alone or in a team, St. Noire offers games that last between 20 and 30 minutes. The game over occurs if you fail at the prosecution end, on the seventh night, or if in the process you make two accusations incorrect.you Have more than 2,500 lines of dialogue with the object that the characters have different reactions each time, an aspect that added to the random change of the identity of the killer and potential lines of research moves away from the dynamic, repetitive, because no two games are ever the same.Behind the project include Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, and Zai Ortiz, who came up with the view that intelligent assistants will only be used to ask about the weather, perform web searches and play with type options Trivial.
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‘St. Noire’, the board game in which you solve a murder with Alexa
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January 16, 2020

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