Stallone recycling project ‘Rambo 5’ with monster and will have its own ‘Predator’

Stallone recycling project 'Rambo 5' with monster and will have its own 'Predator'

While they meet 10 years the rotunda masterpiece in the form of a feast of action, gore was ‘John Rambo’ and Sylvester Stallone latest details of the next installment of the franchise, ‘Rambo 5‘, it is also confirmed that Stallone will have its own delivery of ‘Predator’. Or something like that.

Shortly after the end of your business career, the man most responsible for the franchise promised a new delivery that he would face the legend of Vietnam with a beast of monstrous. Come on, that ‘Rambo 5‘ it sounded like ‘Depredador‘.

After many dimes and bickering, Stallone already know that the astro started the production of ‘Rambo 5’, which will be the final adventure of the character and will be directed by Adrian Grunberg, responsible for the sympathetic hobby to the service of Mel GibsonHolidays in hell’.

Frame of John Rambo

While confirming the names of the Spanish Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Paz Vega as a star in the farewell of a veteran war hero, it is confirmed that Stallone will launch the adaptation of the novel by James Byron Huggins, ‘Hunter‘. Sly bought the film rights to Hunter in 2009 with the idea of incorporating the story in the universe of Rambo.

The book presents Nathaniel Hunter, whose skills of hyper-tracking will be key to hunting down an angry beast, a terrible monster, part human, created by an agency denied that it threatens to wreak havoc on civilization. Yes, very much as was the case in the novel of ‘VictimsDean Koontz, made into a film with the title ‘Project: Terror‘ does now thirty years. In fact, everything points to after the fiasco at the ticket office of the funny (and spot) ‘PredatorShane Black, Sylvester Stallone will have its own delivery of ‘Predator’.

Now it seems that the adaptation of that book will be the next movement of the film-maker once discarded its translation to the Ramboverse, a story that, let’s face it, in the background it was cool to much and will refresh the franchise. the John Rambo: Hunter of monsters, how close you were.

Poster of a provisional Rambo 5

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Stallone recycling project ‘Rambo 5’ with monster and will have its own ‘Predator’
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October 19, 2018

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