¿Steal American jobs to Latino immigrants?

steal American jobs to Latino immigrants?

If yes, should think twice.

For many years, Mexicans and Latin Americans in general have seen political positions United States regarding the immigration issue in almost every possible nuance. Groups for and against groups have poured their arguments and often is dropped in recalcitrant.

Right there lies the discurso Donald Trump that in his career to run for the presidency, has expressed a deep rejection of immigrants, especially Mexico and Mexicans, pointing as thieves, rapists and drug carriers, so less.

By their statements that have continued since last June when he postulated as a candidate, many companies broken with the magnate and caused all kinds of international reactions and the recent manifesto of artists, scientists and intellectuals Hispanics who spoke against the xenophobic discourse of Donald Trump.

One of the most repeated arguments in this issue it is that immigrants “plunder” the North American country, also left jobless own native country (which is made up of immigrants). Until very unclear about estimates were available. Some states have recognized that their workforce is grounded in the work of immigrants and particularly Mexicans and Latin Americans, however, a recent study by the Pew Research Center is much more successful in clarifying some the assertions that are repeated documented support. Here are some aspects of this issue.

The workforce

To understand the role of Latinos in the country’s workforce in North America is necessary to understand the distribution of work in general. The study by the Pew href=”http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/files/2015/10/2015-10-22_self-employed_final.pdf”> Reseachr Center found that Three of ten jobs belong to people who autoemplean or generate other workers. That is, these jobs represent 30% of the national workforce. Where 10% equals 14.6 million jobs belongs to self-employment and 20%, ie 29.4 million, they are employees of the above. In addition, workers were self-employed with employees in 2014 an average of three paid employees and an average of 8.6 employees.

These numbers are irrelevant because immigrants are much more likely than native-born workers United States to work on their own . The gap in self-employment of native American and immigrants seems modest, 11% against 10% in favor of immigrants, but marcadas differences arise within racial and ethnic . Thus, it was found that Hispanic immigrants are twice as likely to be self-employed than Hispanics born in that country. And that los mostly Asians are the creators of jobs from self-employment.

The jobs that others will not do

A common argument about the importance of Hispanics in the US workforce is that immigrants do jobs that others will not do. So it says, for example, the manifesto against the “hateful comments” from Donald Trump.

The expulsion of Mexican immigrants would be catastrophic for states like California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, where most of the manual work is Mexican. In California, for example, those immigrants harvested 200 agricultural products, served in hotels and restaurants, pick up trash, exercise, in short, jobs that local Americans refuse to play. California is the leading manufacturer of wine and many agricultural products in the country. It is also the first recipient of tourism. These sectors generate US $ 70,000 million a year, but Mexican workers the state’s economy would go to ruin. Something similar would happen in the rest of the country.

Not everyone is that, as this situation has to do with the opportunities that access to those born in the United States compared to the immigrants. It is estimated that 44% of the 16 million workers without higher education in 2013 were born to foreigners, but not why immigrants and immigrant born “force” of US jobs as jobs to those charged by former are not the same as those applied by seconds. That is, and as recorded El Daily Post . many jobs listed for immigrants, but not in the list of native and vice versa

In addition, some service jobs They require fluent English so that immigrants do not apply for them. On the other hand, it is the marked tendency en the Pew Research where agriculture, construction and manufacturing are the areas with the highest number of self-employment and participation of immigrants. So may not only immigrants are not stealing jobs from US but in some sectors are creating them .

It is still a very complicated issue and which are polarized opinions, the truth is that for many Central American and Mexican people reach US soil represents hope to improve the difficult living conditions in their countries of origin . We must remember that Mexico has a large migratory crisis and the answer to all these factors is not to create barriers higher or more brutal or on the grounds of a largemouth persecution.


¿Steal American jobs to Latino immigrants?
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November 11, 2015

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