Steal of 47,000 euros to a woman of Granada with a phone call and a computer program

Steal of 47,000 euros to a woman of Granada with a phone call and a computer program

The National Police is investigating the complaint of a grenadine for having been victim of an attack of ‘phishing’ through a phone call and the downloading of a computer program, and for which he suffered a economic loss above 47,000 eurosin the form of transfers and banking transactions are not allowed.

The police reported in a press note that it all started when the victim received a call to your fixed line phone from a number with prefix foreign. On the other side of the device there was a woman who spoke English and who identified himself as the employee of one of the most important software companies at the global level, whose products are commonly found in any personal computer, providing an address also foreign and a series of emails from a corporate character to give greater credibility to their role.

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The purpose of the call was intended to provide a course technical support when you have spotted the company that the license computer associated with the computer of his property was being used by a hacker Russian. Then, they requested her to turn on her computer and that is to download a computer program to be able to show, through a secure server, as its license had been cancelled by the misuse of the aforementioned hacker. Once you have downloaded the program and put into operation, showed him through the different IP addresses that had been used and its origin in Russian. After the alleged repair, the false employee requested to make a payment of just five euros using your credit card in concept of technical support, which the victim agreed to be convinced of the truthfulness of the foregoing.

just a few days later, to check the status of your bank account, he could see that they had made numerous transfers and transactions of capital not authorized by amounts ranging from little more than € 500 up to almost 3000, accumulating in total more than 47,000 euros, proceeding immediately to the blocking of the account and the cards and to lodge a complaint for these facts.

‘phishing’ is a victim consisting of the misappropriation fraudulent of all kinds of personal data. Cybercriminals have a predilection for getting the data of the credit cards or the keys and pins to bank accounts, as they use these to make transactions and purchases not authorized by the legitimate owner for the benefit of the hackers.

The National Police, stresses that although the most usual is that this information will get through a mail malicious, there are other ways in which is used a phone or even an SMS message. Thus, it states that, to prevent this type of cyber crime is easy if you follow a few basic rules, of which stands out in the first place be wary of emails trying to alarm you and urge you to take action immediately under the threat of a problem, especially if you are asked for keys, passwords or other personal data.

it Is suggested do not open emails from unknown recipients and pay close attention to those who present an appearance genuine from banks or other institutions that request information that you already have in your power; take special care with calls from overseas numbers or “rare”, especially if you speak in a different language, download computer programs or files suggested by unknown people through phone, email, or SMS; and, in general, is not to provide personal information of yours or of their relatives if you are not completely sure of the necessity of doing so, and remember thatthe banks never will ask for that information since we already have.


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