Steam enters an official label LGTBQ+

Already you can find games categorized under this theme and rank titles associated with the collective.

Steam has been forma official label LGTBQ+ for games the digital store for PC. Until now, this label was used by the developers within the customizable options of classification, but was not integrated officially between the tags main system.

developers can Now you can choose the label of the collective LGTBQ+ official with what is expected for titles with this subject matter can gain visibility among the users who look for video games with characters or stories that may be relevant to them.

With this system, consumers can search for already video games with this tag in the same way that you been seeking, for example, games of terror, or romance.

In these moments, the catalog of Steam to Spain under this tag gives a total of 162 different results.

Steam introduces an official label LGTBQ+

Steam enters an official label LGTBQ+
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June 23, 2019

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