Steelbook for ‘snow White and the seven dwarfs’, complete series of ‘V’ and bank of ‘Black Panther’: Hunting for Bargains

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it Has come to that time of the week in which Espinof we conducted a review of the best deals these days on the world of film and television. The menu for this week includes, among others, the steelbook of ‘snow White and the seven dwarfs’, the whole series of ‘V’ and a piggy bank of ‘Black Panther’. Let’s go there!

snow White

  • Steelbook for ‘snow White and the seven dwarfs’ on blu-ray: the first classic Disney with a splash of luxury, ideal for collectors: 14,95 €

  • Steelbook of ‘Death among the flowers: a great occasion for the lovers of one of the biggest winners of the Coen brothers will do with her in a neat edition in metal box: 9,99 eur

  • ‘The mountain between us’ on blu-ray: not to me he told me a great thing in spite of his duo protagonist, but you have to take into account the opinion of all, and to be a release of just a few days ago it can already be found at a very cheap price: 13,99 euros

  • Pack The Best of Sony in blu-ray: one of those numerous compilations in which it is hard to believe, what was behind what he came up with a selection of 20 titles as different as ‘Whiplash’, ‘Nightmares’, ‘Money Monster’, ‘Angry Birds, the movie’ or ‘Inferno’: 38,39 eur

  • Steelbook of ‘The great wall’: an exclusive edition of Media Markt, which currently can be found at a price quite attractive. If you want to, don’t expect much or you are close to running the risk of timing out: 11,99 euro


  • ‘V’, the complete series on blu-ray: it is not the mythical original work, but now that there is talk of a trilogy of movies may have more than one you want to retrieve the reboot of a few years ago: 25,29 eur

  • ‘Veronica Mars’, series complete on dvd: the wonderful series starring Kristen Bell that, unfortunately, only came to be three seasons -and a subsequent movie-: 28,15 euros

  • Pack seasons 1-3 of ‘Better Call Saul’: a great prequel to ‘Breaking Bad’ that will not let you go over by a lot of you already know what is the point of arrival: 34,55 eur (if you want to dvd, the thing stays in 20,90 € )

  • ‘Grand Hotel’, series complete on dvd: to me never came to be interested too, but there are lovers of this television fiction broadcast by Antena 3 to those who may be interested at this price: 41,99 euros

  • ‘Boardwalk Empire’, the complete series on blu-ray: One of the series most acclaimed broadcast by HBO during the last few years, but then the moment of truth always came within one step of matching the impact of other great contemporary works: 61,75 eur (and 54,90 if you want dvd)


  • piggy Bank bust of the Black Panther: to keep your savings safe, just to decorate…. or both things!: 18.39 per eur

  • Figure Darth Vader: a fun figure dedicated to one of the villains most iconic of all time: 11,29 eur

  • Doormat Joker: as your neighbors begin to doubt your mental health, but and what fun it would be to have this at the entrance of your house…: 17,25 eur

  • Figure Doctor Zaius: a care doll of the mythical character of ‘The planet of the apes’: 17.04 euros ( € )

  • Funko Pop Jack Skellington: not all the characters will feel just as good to have a doll big head from Funko, but in this case I think that no one can doubt that it comes from fable: 8,45 euros

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The news Steelbook for ‘snow White and the seven dwarfs’, complete series of ‘V’ and bank of ‘Black Panther’: Hunting for Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


Steelbook for ‘snow White and the seven dwarfs’, complete series of ‘V’ and bank of ‘Black Panther’: Hunting for Bargains
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February 18, 2018

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