Steelbook of ‘Mission: Impossible – Nation secret’, complete series of ‘MacGyver’ and Funko Pop James Bond: Hunting for Bargains


Another Sunday, more we turn to our traditional appointment with the best deals in the world of film and television this week. The menu includes, among others, the steelbook of ‘Mission: Impossible – Nation secret’, the entire series of ‘MacGyver’ and ‘The Wire’ the art book ‘man of steel’ and the Funko Pop James Bond. Let’s go there!


  • Steelbook of ‘Mission: Impossible – Nation Secret’ on blu-ray: now that’s very enjoyable sixth installment is in theaters some may wish to recover the previous, especially if it is presented in a metallic box: 9,49 euros

  • Steelbook of ‘Trapped in time’ on blu-ray: one of the best romantic comedies of the 90’s also is much more than just that: 16,26 eur

  • ‘El robobo de la jojoya’ on blu-ray: I have my doubts about how you have dealt with the passage of time to this comedy duo’s Tuesday and 13, but with this price, perhaps the time has come to check it: 5,99 eur

  • ‘The hills have eyes’ on blu-ray: one of the first major works of the legendary Wes Craven in high definition: 5,99 eur

  • Edition metal ‘The exotic hotel Marigold’ on blu-ray: eye-for-detail that this is not a stellbook to use, but beyond that it is a great price for an edition like this: 6,99 euro


  • ‘MacGyver’, series complete on dvd: the Italian edition of this legendary television production account with the same discs in Spain, so that you can get it with audio and subtitles in Spanish at a price much lower than that of the issue of our country : 24,62 eur

  • ‘Supergirl’, season 1 on blu-ray: another case similar to MacGyver, but in this case with the editing in high definition. Italian yes, but the contents are the same as in Spain and at this price compensates to give him a chance or be done with it if you’re a fan : 12,51 eur

  • ‘Rome’, complete series on blu-ray: we continue with the foreign editions, in this case German, identical to that for sale in Spain with the exception of the containing box. To me it makes up for it with this price saving, what about you?: 19,78 eur

  • ‘The Wire’, the complete series on blu-ray: the pace does not stop with the foreign editions with the same contents as in Spain, but at a price significantly lower than that. The protagonist is now considered by many as the best series of the history: 47,48 eur

  • ‘Yes, prime minister’, complete series on dvd: a classic british sitcom television collected at the full price of what some parts would cost a mere movie ticket: 9,99 eur


  • Funo Pop James Bond: it’s not going to give a license to kill, but this big head from Funko is a nice addition to the collection of lovers of the adventures of the agent 007. In this taken as a reference to Sean Connery: 7,92 eur

  • Book art of The ‘man of steel’: many still expect a sequel of the tape on Superman directed by Zack Snyder, but DC still have no very clear how to pull it out forward. Meanwhile, their fans sure are grateful to be done with this book: 9,45 euro

  • Stuffed alien saga ‘Toy Story’: a squishy replica of those endearing creatures of the saga of Pixar who lived obsesinadas with a hook unforgettable: 7 €

  • Figure of Mushu: a wonderful statue of the sympathetic dragon from ‘Mulan’, with the seal of quality of Jim Shore: 19,26 euros

  • Statue of Luffy’s crew: a detailed reproduction of the protagonist of ‘One Piece’ at an irresistible price: 25,49 eur

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Steelbook of ‘Mission: Impossible – Nation secret’, complete series of ‘MacGyver’ and Funko Pop James Bond: Hunting for Bargains
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August 12, 2018

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