Steelbook of ‘The nutcracker and the seven kingdoms’, complete series of ‘once Upon a time’ and dolls ‘Toy Story 4’: Hunting for Bargains

Steelbook of 'The nutcracker and the seven kingdoms', complete series of 'once Upon a time' and dolls 'Toy Story 4': Hunting for Bargains

Sundays are days to relax before returning to the daily routine and also the ideal time to be a small quirk. Hence, our Hunting for Bargain is located on that day of the week to offer a review of the best deals in the world of film and television this week.

On this occasion, you can find, among other products, the steelbook of ‘The nutcracker and the seven kingdoms’, the whole series of ‘once Upon a time’ and collectible ‘Toy Story 4’. Let’s go there!

  • Steelbook of ‘The nutcracker and the seven kingdoms’ on blu-ray: one of the biggest disappointments commercial of Disney of the past few years, but that does not mean that you also have your followers and they will give thanks for this neat edition in metal box: 14,95 €

  • ‘Day patriots’ on dvd: the film by Peter Berg starring Mark Wahlberg about the bombing in Boston is very well priced: 3,99 eur

  • ‘The war of the planet of the apes’ in UHD: a piece price, and also includes the film on blu-ray: 8,99 eur

  • ‘The dead zone’, collector’s edition: the adaptation of the Stephen King novel by David Cronenberg in a neat edition that includes the tape so much in dvd as in blu-ray and a generous amount of extras: 18,99 euros

  • Offer editions Arrow: one of the editors of the most prestigious film genre, with the only downside of that do not expect to see Spanish audio or subtitles in virtually any of them: Pay 1, you take 2

  • ‘once Upon a time’, series complete on dvd: one of the productions with fantastic most popular of the small screen this decade, collected in full in one convenient pack: 57,99 euros

  • ‘desperate housewives’, series complete on dvd: a good opportunity to return to Wisteria Lane, and so to recover the adventures of these charismatic women. It had its ups and downs over the years, but never failed to be worthwhile: 51.99 eur

  • ‘Vikings’ season 1 on dvd: ideal for those who never gave him a chance and want to know if it’s worth one of the most popular series among the internet users: 13.79 euros

  • ‘Stories not to sleep’, series complete on dvd: appointment essential to both the history of Spanish television, as the career of the sadly deceased Narciso Ibáñez Serrador: 22,99 euros

  • ‘True Detective’, season 2 in blu-ray^: it is true that he was not at the level of the first, but received criticism as being too harsh for what really gave us and any time is a good time to assert it in a little: 14,06 eur

Story 4
  • Mystery Minis from ‘Toy Story 4’: the new Pixar film is already in our cinemas and certainly more than one and a want to try luck with this new dose of lucky boxes: 7,14 eur

  • Collection Funko Pop James Bond: a great pack for those fans of the adventures of the agent 007 that includes five figures at a price that in any case only I would to get one: 17,99 €

  • Merchandising of Chucky: next week we will be able to see in Spain, the remake of ‘Doll diabolical’, but Zavvi have already put on offer a selection of merchandise dedicated to the fearsome Chucky: 30% discount with the code CHUCKY

  • Pitcher of beer of the house Baratheon: to feel important while you drink something, be it a beer or any other thing: 17,99 €

  • Keyring of Lara Croft: a good companion that will protect your keys whenever you take them out of the house: 5 euros

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Steelbook of ‘The nutcracker and the seven kingdoms’, complete series of ‘once Upon a time’ and dolls ‘Toy Story 4’: Hunting for Bargains
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June 23, 2019

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