Steelbook of ‘Thor: The dark world’, complete series of ‘Tales from the crypt’ and doll BB-8: Hunting for Bargains


we can Not dismiss another week in Espinof without making our traditional roundup of the best deals about the world of film and television these days. The “menu” this week includes, among others, the steelbook of ‘Thor: The dark world’, the whole series of ‘Tales from the crypt’ and a toy remote control BB-8, the android ‘Star Wars. The awakening of the force’. Let’s go there!


  • Steelbook of ‘Thor: The dark world’ on blu-ray: with the third installment recently released, it never hurts to recover the second, it is true that it is among the titles are the least interesting of Marvel, but also worth quite a bit more of what was said at the time: 25,61 eur

  • ‘Doctor Strange’ on blu-ray and 3D: I was delighted with the film presentation of the superhero played by Benedict Cumberbatch and a long time ago that part of my collection. Now it can be yours in high definition and including the 3D version of the same: 14,95 €

  • Steelbook of ‘The iron giant’ blu-ray: the extraordinary first film from Brad Bird occupies a privileged place among the best animated movies of all time-in my case it is even my favorite – and now you can do it also in your collection with this neat edition in metal box: 17,99 €

  • Collector’s Edition of ‘Star Wars. The awakening of the force’ on blu-ray: Disney first released the steelbook and later a second edition full of extra content previously unpublished until then that is the one that now occupies us, and which also includes its version in 3D: 14,95 €

  • 2×1 in movies Sony Ultra HD: not a few are still reluctant to make the leap to blu-ray and is already here in the following format destined to dethrone him. In my case I think I go on the blu-ray, mainly due to not being able to buy a new tv that you can squeeze to fund the Ultra HD, but you have already decided to spend the same maybe you interesting with this offer: 2×1 in this selection of Sony


  • complete Series of ‘Tales from the crypt’ on dvd: the legendary anthology that combined the horror and comedy is a must for any lover of tv fiction, and in addition these days it is an ideal gift if we take into account the proximity of Halloween: 47,49 eur

  • complete Series of ‘Justified’ on dvd: now he has taken a radical turn to his career with his presence in ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, but Tymothy Olyphant had previously shown its potential as a tough guy in the title that we are dealing with: 35,60 eur

  • complete Series of ‘The Mentalist’ on dvd: there is people that is not a very close friend of the procedural television, but at the time of the truth I have more “simple” and it is led by Simon Baker had seven seasons by chance: 64,12 eur

  • complete Series of ‘Hands-on’ on dvd: up to six seasons, and 130 episodes!- had the peculiar bungling of Manolo and Benito and now you can get them all in this handy pack: 83,99 eur

  • complete Series of ‘Seinfeld’ on dvd: one of the television comedies most important of all time, so simple. You must see it and most likely end gustándote, so that you can go to pose with her before descatalogue…: 73,49 eur


  • Doll with radio-controlled BB-8: the sympathetic android presented in ‘Star Wars. The awakening of the force’ has counted up to the date with countless of merchandising, but here I bring you a golden opportunity to buy a doll controlled by radio control at a price quite affordable: 23,57 eur

  • 3×2 In Figures Disney Infinity: designed as a supplement to the video game, there is also the possibility of using them as “simple” figures, that is what I do and probably many others: 3×2 from this selection

  • Funko Pop Hela: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ has already come to the cinemas Spanish and one of the things that most curiosity woke up was to see Cate Blanchett giving life to the evil Hela. In my opinion, does a great job, but the character is not tapped, but hey, that does not mean that you have made history by watching the first villain main Marvel: 10,21 eur

  • Figures of ‘South Park’: with the occasion of the launch of the new videogame based on the great animated series, you can get with three small figures of Professor Chaos, the Coon and Mysterion -is also present in several episodes of the series – at a price most attractive: 19,95 eur

  • Mystery minis of ‘Justice League’: just missing a few weeks for the expected joint adventure of the superheroes of DC and while both do is take a look at these dolls in box surprise, that is to say, that you can’t choose what you are going to play: 7,19 euros

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The news Steelbook of ‘Thor: The dark world’, complete series of ‘Tales from the crypt’ and doll BB-8: Hunting for Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


Steelbook of ‘Thor: The dark world’, complete series of ‘Tales from the crypt’ and doll BB-8: Hunting for Bargains
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October 30, 2017

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