Steve McCurry, the creator of iconic photographs

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Today in our special Grandmasters of Photography we bring you Steve McCurry (Feb. 24, 1950) is an American photojournalist) one of the quintessential header photographers and a regular member of the global team of photographers and organizations each year selects the popular publication National Geographic . Tears hidden in a green, blue and pure white eyes flash and contracted by the reflection of light from a nearby window. Eyes as big as the look for decades never forget, an iconic image.

If you are patient, people forget your camera and let your soul flourish

Steve McCurry is difficult to separate National Geographic since that year 1985 (as of Magnum to which it belongs too), but, as usual, gives McCurry’s career for much, much more. A decision that changed while the career of McCurry, also served to change something 23 years later in 2008, when it created the Afghan Children ‘s Fund , whose struggle is focused on the development and creation educational opportunities for girls and women in Afghanistan.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, the origins

His early work as a photojournalist taking place during the first war of Afghanistan (1978-1992) as well as covering the Iran-Iraq war and the first Gulf War and other conflicts in Beirut, Cambodia and the Philippines.
Steve McCurry
However, Steve McCurry began studying film history and Cinematography at the Pennsylvania State University in 1968, but ended up receiving a diploma in Performing Arts, graduating cum laude in 1974. He became interested in photography immensely when he began to take pictures for the “The Daily Collegian,” a humble newspaper Pennsylvania.

Home is where, when you cross its threshold, you finally feel at peace.

The iconic photography and the human factor in Steve McCurry’s photograph

If there’s one thing that stand out above other photographs is that, regardless of the strength or otherwise of the images that always shows Steve McCurry, a high degree of empathy with the viewer. They are always images that, by the intense gaze of the actors or the context in which it falls, awaken a deep empathy with the viewer. Are close despite the position and distance.
Steve McCurry

is difficult to define those photos. Some have become icons, like images by Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson and others as we talk about a very direct way. These iconic images can be described with specific attitudes that go directly to the heart. This is the reason we beat and not forget. Those pictures are understood by everyone because they speak a universal language.

McCurry is able to get a smile in such complicated situations such as war or poverty, get a glimmer of hope where there is none and convert the character before us in someone close (a neighbor, a friend).

Some accuse him of repeating the same picture many times but, in my opinion, is admirable cause to achieve that same feeling in thousands of spectators with thousands of different actors.
Steve McCurry
Maybe that’s the secret of pure photojournalism. Telling closely human misery, and direct emotional heart of the people. Without disguise of words or other artifacts. Only through your eyes. Changing the world in a click .
Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, portraits

Perfecting the art of observation . He described r, photographer, writer and friend of McCurry, work it. A Steve McCurry is passionate about travel. Even before becoming a photographer, the desire to see and experience the world and its incredible diversity of life and culture was so strong in him finally created a life for himself to take him around the world. For McCurry, photography is more than a job, it is a way to enjoy the world and everything in it. Photography has given a reason for life itself.
Steve McCurry
Street’s portraits are a specialty of McCurry. Most photographers tend to be somewhat removed from their onservados, but McCurry has perfected the close-up intimate in documentary photography.

travel photography and actually go together. It could have been happy photographing at home but I really wanted to travel and see the world. There is nothing more valuable than experience different cultures and see how different people live and see all the amazing diversity of life in this world. Human life, animal life, nature, seas, oceans, mountains. For me this is the most interesting to you can spend one’s life.

That is his philosophy of life. A philosophy of life that is always applied in all its work. Suffice a recent example: although not usually lavish on trade issues, has recently directed the famous Pirelli calendar for next year 2013, . A real pleasure, do work and listen to the teacher in this video.

Steve McCurry, photojournalist

Let’s go back to the beginning. When does the turning point in the career of Steve McCurry? His career reached a turning point when, dressed in traditional clothes, crossed the border and entered Pakistani territory of Afghanistan controlled by the rebels, just before the Soviet invasion. When he emerged, he had rolls of film sewn into his clothes with images that would circle the world as the first to show the conflict. This work earned him the gold medal Robert Capa the best photographic report from abroad, award dedicated to photographers who show exceptional courage and initiative.

Most important is what each picture speaks for itself, with its own place and feeling.

Shortly later came the National Geographic published photograph of the Afghan girl Sharbat Gula whose face has been widely reported for years by NGOs class=”caps”> Amnesty International and that heads this article.

Before continuing, some people compare to Steve McCurry with James Nachtwey and vice versa. They have changed the rules. As a curiosity, both agreed without knowing it at the time, during the September 11 attack in New York and among the many snapshots you took both at the time this decision is both practically took the time and from similar angles .
Steve McCurry and James Nachtwey

Both have changed the vision of modern photojournalism as Layer or Bresson in his day. Both are war photographers and both have been impacted personally the hardships of the world and his images have been around the world showing the misery of our world.

Returning to McCurry, the day of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, got up at 6 am as usual suffering jet lag after a long trip a few days before. About the chaos that followed the account in your own web .

The irony (if I may say so) it was that had covered wars like the Persian Gulf, Lebanon, Afghanistan, the Philippines and now have those particular scenes could rise from ninth to the twentieth floor my apartment building. I like to control the light, angle and all the factors that make up a picture. Always tried to handle all at once. And sometimes that is not possible, as I learned the 11-S “

Steve McCurry
‘Food for the Soul’ , is one of his works, which, particulamente, I like. Because it reflects his philosophy of sharing the experiences of the people who visit. It reflects the essence of his philosophy of life, of which I spoke earlier.

Based on the idea that the conversation is soul food, like Mexican proverb says, is the idea of ​​sharing ideas as who makes the pooled grow as people. In a society as materialistic as today happens to be a song of hope on which to reflect.
Steve McCurry

Conversation is food for the soul – Mexican Proverb

McCurry’s work, also a member of the Magnum agency, has been gathered in the world’s major magazines, including National Geographic has published recent articles on Tibet, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. One of his latest books is ‘Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs’ of Phaidon Press remembers his great photographs of recent decades (I’m hoping, of course, that I bring the Magi on 6 January).

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Steve McCurry, the creator of iconic photographs
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December 26, 2012

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