‘Stranger Things’, the bastard daughter of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg

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it is inevitable that many writers and producers are increasingly making use of most shameless form of nostalgia to try to make their proposals more palatable to the public. They work well, so you have to assimilate that will be a trend that goes changing in any case the time for which homesick because there yes, sooner or later, will change what viewers demand.

in the case of ‘Stranger Things’ , the last big bet Netflix , was very clear that the brothers Duffer , creators of the series, had studied much 80 , with special attention to film Steven Spielberg both directed and produced by him and literature Stephen King . The result is an interesting mix looking recreate the charm and magic itself then , but it is also a little forced, sometimes enhancing aesthetics excess above the story <-.! More ->

Returning to the 80

Small spoilers of the first three episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ from here

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One of the first things that went through my head during the pilot ‘Stranger things’ was that I was trying too hard being a modern echo of the Amblin productions of the 80s all what one might expect from them in visual terms was there, giving the feeling that the real priority was to get that own halo of a longed time for many when not have very clear that what raises arguably justified the leap to then.

Do not cost nothing understand that many are completely trapped by the successful aesthetic posed by Duffer, also director of the first episode so that their intentions are translated on screen flawlessly, but me managed only descolocarme to see that was paying much attention to the setting , becoming the star above a story element that began very intriguing way and then lose interest in the essential presentation of characters .

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However, this initial imbalance has been subsanándose in the next two episodes , where aesthetics was already seated and class in that aspect was to find specific moments in which bet heavily by them-boy guided by the lights or the friend of one of the protagonists in the pool waiting to be attacked savagely. That impeccable although a forced tad basis and reaches another level, and it does also mindful of the importance of narrative over the aesthetic.

In addition, also continues to explore the relationship with Steven Spielberg advancing the story – recalls the mysterious girl repeatedly ET – and trying to make better acclimate to the peculiarities of history in an inner American people where never happens practically nothing. That’s where the terror and paranoia – great music to this last point and that made me think a touch of movie John Carpenter – make an appearance and almost we seem to be in one of those locations in Maine who likes both Stephen King when actually takes place in a town in Indiana.

The plot swings ‘Stranger Things’

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The great advantage which has a number regarding any film is that it has much more room to develop calmly history tells us, which is allowing ‘Stranger Things’ has several fronts with equal importance and are doomed to be late or later . Therefore, the group of kids lose the absolute role, but the truth is that they are still the main compass and big claim to catch public attention.

The point is that the series itself imposes rhythms that do not stop me from marrying too well with what you are telling us, which gives rise to the characters at times import me little, partly because dialogs it Duffer is not to be especially memorable , so that the accumulation effect causes some ups and downs of coming out as quickly advance the story and leave us wanting to know more. Fortunately, it is not simple nostalgia gloating.

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Just do not expect anything revolutionary in either argument, since it is true that there is no this sinister touch Stephen King knew so well to driving in his best works, paying special attention to certain scenes like the opening minutes or the end of the second episode. The key is that cocktail between Spielberg, King and other proper details of the cinema of the time it works much better than could be expected after its pilot and leaves you wanting more so because it entertains as it creates an intrigue you arouses curiosity .

Nor do I want to forget the cast, very well chosen , with kids and teenagers was very easy to screw up in any of them and create serious imbalances, but it is not the case – something key to clarify the fact that the characters themselves do not end up being something especially fascinating noticed that in my case mainly on the mother played by Winona Ryder , somewhat exaggerated in their other side reactions and understandable, what is really important, flatter than the rest -.

for more Daba seen so far? Of course, but ‘Stranger Things’ is very comfortable being what it is instead of aspiring to reach levels where surely would get the leg again and again. Just the same as happens with one of the most entertaining movies there now in theaters, it has a very powerful material and then offers something above average and very stimulating concrete successes. Hopefully that will change with the remaining five episodes, but I do not know.

Tele Go! | Netflix shown in the trailer for ‘Stranger Things’ an interesting homage to the supernatural thriller 80

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‘Stranger Things’, the bastard daughter of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg
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July 17, 2016

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