Subnautica free in Epic Games Store for limited time

Get it forever if you add it before the 27th of December.

The game Subnautica is freely available on the Epic Games Store. It is the first of the promotion plan Epic as an incentive to publicize his new shop for a PC, and we will be able to obtain it without cost from 14 to 27 December. Once added, it will be our forever.

To achieve this it is necessary to have an account on this digital store, and pressing the buy button, which in this case shows “free” instead of 20,99 euros.

Subnautica is a game of survival, adventure, and exploration in open-world developed first-person that will invite us to dive into the depths of the huge alien planet. Was launched on PC earlier this year and few days ago it came to consoles.


remember that Subnautica is followed by Super Meat Boy from December 28 to January 10, 2019.

Subnautica for free in the Epic Games Store for a limited time

Subnautica free in Epic Games Store for limited time
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December 14, 2018

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