Subscribing to Twitch channels from the Android app


Twitch you want to put the professionals who live on their platform, the easier all this wildlife video creators who spend hours playing for the rest of the world. One of the ways to make money is through subscriptions channels, and all that can already be done from your app for Android .

Basically, what it offers from now Twitch application is the same as has the web version. Option to subscribe for the first time to a channel, to renew or not when it is about to expire and to manage records previously made


How to subscribe to a channel Twitch from Android

The procedure for subscribe to a channel Twitch from Android is very simple. The button to launch the payment gateway is at the bottom of the screen during the broadcast itself and not outside as in the web version. All the steps to follow once you are viewing a registered user are seen in the video, which lasts only 16 seconds.

A pop-up tells you all the advantages of pay and, OK, then offers three models available: one month, three months or six months . There is no rebate extend the deadline, it grows proportionally.

When you click on the desired monthly payment, the application takes you to confirm Xsolla spending through any of the payment options available. It almost everything from credit cards and PayPal to Bitcoin and many other online wallet accounts.


When the procedure It is over, from the sidebar menu can be accessed at any time subscriptions section to check what channels you’ve paid, how long or when it expires and what the advantages of each.

Very importantly, at the very end of each page underwriter, under the date of the deadline, is the “do not renew subscription” that you always have present so that no automatic renewals undesired escape.

what for pay

the main reason to subscribe to a channel Twitch is simply the support that issue and encourage that person you can devote to video, a way to recognize a job that has no income insured. The philosophy of direct payment for information and multimedia content is spreading in all channels, but not straining as they tried some major newspapers in its online edition but through voluntary subscriptions as have younger media and individual creators.

For these sporadic or poor creators there is increasing almost alterative direct monetization with its user. Twitch has created this complementary system to advertising by which falls between 40% and 50% of what is generated , but there are other alternatives such as Patreon or Tapastic that are left with a much lower percentage of profits.

Beyond what every viewer or reader thinks fit, Twitch allows channels offer small rewards or bonuses for subscribers . Advantages such as no advertising, posting on chat or suffer slow restriction mode, even giving a small package of specific icons. Under no circumstances exist blockade viewing for not paying and that this measure would go directly against the philosophy air broadcasting.

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the alternative to advertising

Facebook recently said at the presentation the streaming video from your app Facebook Live that more than 50% of live video is consumed from Android devices . Now is Twitch who is brought here this business model in search of generous spectators who encourage their creators to follow on the platform no longer go to the alternatives that arise.

Advertising remains a source of very strong earnings for the leaders of each sector but not for those steps stays behind. And as the adBlocks are becoming popular alternatives must be sought to continue the business forward. Especially in sectors such as technology and video games in which the user is more prepared to remove ads, but also more aware of how valuable your clicks.

debate about whether to pay or not pay goes a little further through rapid, direct and in any position offered by smartphones consumption. This company can help more than one may be convinced that making a worthwhile contribution. Or the opposite, if you have it even in exceptional moments why will worry more

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Subscribing to Twitch channels from the Android app
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March 7, 2016

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