Super Dragon Ball and his three big mistakes

Super Dragon Ball and his three big mistakes

Three episodes of Dragon Ball Super is more than enough to detect what you are doing wrong in this new phase

I grew up in the age of ninety. Or, what is the same, spent mornings and afternoons attending the adventures of Goku, Vegeta and company. What was happening on the screen and the epic of fighting showed me kindly to situations that could be resolved in five minutes take half a dozen chapters.

Now, almost twenty years later, I find myself watching Dragon Ball Super with some emotion. It’s strange because everything that has come under the protection of the mark after the end of Dragon Ball Z has ended up being an authentic nonsense whose only purpose seemed to be other than to dirty the legacy of Akira Toriyama.


We assume that The Battle of the Gods and to a lesser extent, The Resurrection of Freezer are mediocre products. Even the role of Akira Toriyama in its conception and development, which had once been synonymous with success, used to excuse a couple of projects lacking any imagination and creative risk that border on the absurd more often than recommended.

Have you seen two recent movies? Olvidadlas

But the worst, of course, it comes when both films lose their validity when releasing this new stage. Could not have been thought and / or raised better? And playing with the canonical chronology and should not be specific to a company of the stature of Toei Animation .

Now with Super we have a project appears seek to rewrite the facts stated in the two films discussed . Seems left the door open hackneyed and sleep perozoso resource but, for the moment, one has the feeling of having digested two nonsense characters for anything other than, at times, touching death by embarrassment. Worst of all? These three chapters do not anticipate that the rewrite will result in changes of weight in the course of history. Will it be at risk Earth that Bills can not try a pudding ? Special mention for a long-awaited return as Super has not had almost nothing in three chapters; bad news for anyone who expected a series without straw and to the point.

The concept

 DBZ 2

If you speak of shame, imagery and how it seeks to convey in this new work touches again the grotesque. After villains the likes of Freeza, Cell and Buu (all with multiple transformations, each more powerful and menacing) arrives Bills . Gentlemen, the most powerful enemy of all known universes (which are few) is a skinned cat in clothes brought from the same Egypt that naps hundreds of years, check and, as dictated by your taste buds, you can wipe out an entire planet with just move a finger. Literally.

Again, I think the error is in the origin of the idea. Not only because the image that has been given to you should be the most powerful villain franchise if not to show at this stage of the game a villain who, by all accounts, seems invincible (obviously , it is not). What remains to be seen in Super Dragon Ball? How far they will have to look to offer a worthy opponent after Bills? Will justification appeared? It seems that sense and consistency were lost too long.

 DBZ 4

The paths by which the series will become increasingly bizarre

The feeling you get is of being in a project led by our inner child . Sure all passionate about Dragon Ball is remembered imagining who might be stronger than Buu or what the next transformation of Goku would. Well, I doubt greatly that this young man of no more than ten years could speculate that the next steps were none other than face a humanoid feline with kitchen and nap as hobbies or let blond hair aside after a color as blue as absurd.

What you do you think of this picture? Which is one of the most established brands and reputation in the history of anime and manga again almost 20 years later with a totally void of mime first episode: bad animation, highly upgradeable designs and, in general, an unwillingness incomprehensible ; in the same opening , scene to be seen in dozens of chapters cast, are highly improvable scenes in all aspects. There are dozens of series with fewer resources and potential with a much more remarkable visual identity.


Those who enjoyed Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z in the stage of original issue today will be about thirty. Clearly, it seeks the attention of that audience did not seem the best marketing strategy but then to show a shonen very childish . An approach that no Dragon Ball Z (or Kai obviously) never had and can remember the initial stage of Dragon Ball. But obviously, is not equal to chiquillerías see a rebellious child to a man who is credited with being one of the strongest people in the galaxy.

Dragon Super Ball is childish, too childish

Yes, certain chapters of DBZ had taken to the absurd everyday situations as a vent in the main plot (Piccolo and Goku pulling driver’s license, for example) but, if my memory serves, nothing like watching the group making a fool playing bingo or angry Vegeta on a family summer vacation. After three chapters, Super Dragon Ball can be considered a sitcom starring Goku, Vegetta, Bulma and company . And that’s not what you would expect from a project like this.

 DBZ 3

Again, therefore, it being inconsistent with traditional and recent all at the same time. A Pan who seems not even exist a Vegeta seems to be the one who was later to become a caricature coward in the battle of the gods or about Trunks and Goten more children if anything of that seen in the last section of Dragon Ball Z. It has changed a lot and not necessarily for the better.

Maybe we’re taking too seriously what it seems, she was born with the goal of being a entertainment for little kids , looking to repeat the success of recent anime such as Naruto or One Piece, even the legendary Dragon Ball itself. Hearing levels and generated attention seem to agree to a Toei has chosen to ignore anyone who grew up and moved by the saga of Goku and company. And I guess they are all those childhood memories that make us hold a glimmer of hope, waiting for something bad is done much better in later chapters


Super Dragon Ball and his three big mistakes
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July 20, 2015

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