Superbook, a dependent laptop with a smartphone OS for $ 99 Andromium


smartbooks, portable dependent on a smartphone , are back. Alcatel and already showed the way with his prototype for a couple of years, but never got to market it. And now the creators of the mobile operating system that mimics the desktop Andromium OS , are ready to launch their own model with every intention of marketing it. It is the Superbook .

The idea of ​​always: a nearly empty thin portable, lightweight and connects to a smartphone to exercise as processor and platform. Therefore, a laptop that does not work independently. Do you have any sense that proposal? His bet is that in exchange for their total dependence, its price will be $ 99 .

It will be a laptop with 11.6-inch LCD screen , not divisible multi TrackPack large buttons and a keyboard with more own world touch as the Home, airplane mode or navigation between apps. Without revealing the capacity of its battery promises a range of 8 hours. It is covered by a metal casing chrome tone.


Andromium OS

Its strength and advantage over the Alcatel Smartbook is that it has universal compatibility with any smartphone Android Lollipop with version 5.0 or higher and is completely compatible with all applications from Google Play . The only condition is that the smartphone has more than 1GB of RAM. His weakness against the French product is that the OS Andromium forces have devices connected via cable while this prototype is bound by proximity through a proprietary technology.

operating system designed to convert mobile computers with just connect a screen and keyboard is a year in open beta and can descargar from Google Play . There is recommended a powerful smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC family to 800 and 2GB of RAM, so it follows that have created a less demanding version of the OS to be released sooner rather than later.


As you can see in this video demonstration Mobile World Congress 2015, to pluck enough to launch the app from mobile, passing black while laptop screen is on. When installed on a tablet with keyboard switching from Android to this operating system with a button-fly

Andromium OS has a distribution to Windows classic menu. Onset bottom left corner, lower task bar and lets you work with multiple windows. Its design also looks dated and is curious detail Minesweeper on the desktop,

a bargain or bluff, no average

at the moment the Superbook is only a prototype and need financing to start occur. Kickstarter creators will attend on June 15 to try to get support, but that road was not very well cuando they tried to Andromium .

His great strength is its launch price. On their website they promise that it will cost $ 99, which seems little early. ? But how to judge that price Separately worth nothing is a paperweight; but attached to the smartphone it is below the cost of a laptop and is lighter. On the other hand it is dependent on the operating system that know very little because even still in beta.


We will follow your track waiting to tell more about the hardware and connection when you start your campaign funding . If cable rid progress would be much higher

More information. | GetSuperbook
Engadget Android | Andromium OS launches its beta, and makes Android desktop operating system

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Superbook, a dependent laptop with a smartphone OS for $ 99 Andromium
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April 21, 2016

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