‘Supergirl’, an optimistic superheroine with much still to learn


Supergirl is one of those cartoon characters who so far had not had much luck in their transfers to the screen. In 1984 there were film, fortunately, has fallen into oblivion since the early 2000s appeared recurrently in ‘ Smallville’, even as a teenager who has not fully developed potential. Even the trailer for ‘Supergirl’, his own series in CBS , invited too for optimism initially.

Now that has already been issued throughout his first season, we can say that fears were unfounded . The series, another of the “factoría Berlanti “DC superhero, still has many aspects to polish and improve, but Kara Danvers known for being one of the most entertaining characters of the season, and a more complex than it seems heroin.

WARNING sPOILERS : from here on, there will be spoilers of the entire first season of ‘Supergirl’, including the season finale, ‘Better angels’ .

the “workplace comedy” of ‘Supergirl’

the series has had all season, storylines that worked very well and others only they did at times (or never finished fit). Among those who always left fun and even interesting things listed that were developed in Catco and involving Cat Grant , the head of Supergirl in their normal life as Kara Danvers.

Supergirl Cat

Calista Flockhart (who already worked under Greg Berlanti on ‘Cinco brothers’) has had all the best lines of the series (some really memorable and metarreferencia Harrison Ford , her husband included), and its dynamics with Melissa Benoist has been very entertaining to watch. The relationship mentor-disciple between Cat and Kara pushed to the second to want to be better superheroine, and although the series backtracked with the revelation of the true identity of his assistant, in recent episodes we has been the question of whether Cat not still know that Kara is Supergirl, but chooses not to say anything.

Cat Grant has been a cornerstone for ‘Supergirl’, not just for their fun phrases and references

explicit reference to ‘Girl Power’ in the last episode ( “this is your moment at the end of ‘Girl Power’ ‘) gives the clue how has shaped’ Supergirl ‘that dynamic in the offices of Catco . That little workplace comedy in a series of superheroes brought levity and helped its central character was growing and maturing. Supergirl decides to apologize to Cat and at the same time, ask his advice to regain the confidence of the people of National City at the end of ‘Falling’, the episode in which Kara becomes “bad” by the red kryptonite, it is very significant the relevance of Miss Grant.

also, lightness and humor frames Catco also helped separate ‘Supergirl’ other series and movies present superheroes. The emphasis on how important it is for Kara normal life, “civil” helps humanize it and to understand better why is willing to sacrifice himself to save humans. And also deepens his portrait as a young woman who is settling into adult life, learning to manage their power and that is defining what you want and what not.

Kryptonian and other family

Supergirl Hank

Where ‘Supergirl’ still has much to improve is in its handling of the villains. In the double season finale, ‘Myriad’ – ‘Better Angels’, gives the feeling that history it is too large and that need still two more episodes to be developed but all things Ali Adler, Andrew Kreisberg and company get in there. Non e Indigos end up being less difficult threats to defeat what seemed and indeed, are there just to show how far he has come Supergirl throughout the season, ready to carry on their shoulders Fort Rozz, and die in the attempt, in order to save mankind.

also the references to Superman and his dependence on it are a little forced. It is true that they can not run away from them because the story of Kara is attached to the Kal-El, but to talk about it and not see it (rather than their boots) always going to be a little strange. And since we are removing defects, romantic plots are not the forte of the series . Here, ‘Supergirl’ James falls into the same trap as’ Arrow‘ and ‘The Flash’ with Laurel and Iris.

‘ Supergirl ‘has been very well the relationship between Kara and Alex, but the villains have left much to be desired

Non and Astra have been villains a little decaffeinated , but have had their usefulness. The first season has explored the idea of ​​family, representing consider as your family people with whom you do not share blood ties. In that regard, the relación almost father-son between Alex and Hank has been a very interesting development, and has also taken while the further exploration of the complexities at the junction between Alex and Kara, and things that one has stopped making the another.

the introduction of Project Cadmus and Alex’s father is hiding there may be a plot that let good times in a hypothetical second season.

more optimistic series the season?

With all its weaknesses and areas for improvement, ‘Supergirl’ highlighted by a firm commitment to convey optimism and fun and hope. In that regard, it has saved many points of contact ‘ The Flash ‘, and el crossover between the two series did nothing but confirm. Also, put a ‘Supergirl’ in a curious position, as critics less convinced by darkness proposal for ‘Batman v Superman ‘put as an example the CBS series how best to portray what Superman has represented since its birth as a superhero.

‘Supergirl’ has been seen amid criticism that the US media has made against ‘Batman v Superman’

Leaving aside those comparisons (probably a bit opportunistic ), you can not deny that fun and happiness that Kara feels when flying over National City have moved to the entire series, and allowed him to survive a first season that has suffered all the pains of expected growth and possible . ‘Supergirl’ has the advantage of having A protagonist fully committed to the role as Melissa Benoist , which works well in both the lighter and the drama, and secondary moments as Hank Henshaw, Cat Grant and Alex Danvers have grown a lot over the chapters.

willingness to explore all possible facets of your superheroine (your vulnerability without powers, delivery to your dark to be affected by red kryptonite hand, the temptation to give in to his memories of Krypton) is what allows us to be optimistic with the way that ‘Supergirl’ can continue in a second season on CBS still has not spoken.

Oh, and yes, that television news presenter has come out occasionally was Perd Hapley, of ‘ Parks and Recreation ‘. Or rather, Jay Jackson, who worked for a long time as a news presenter in Los Angeles.

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‘Supergirl’, an optimistic superheroine with much still to learn
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April 19, 2016

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