‘Supergirl’ have good intentions but do not comply


We talk a lot of attempt world domination of Marvel Studios, but is that DC Entertainment is not far behind. Greg Berlanti to mind are I swarming all kinds of superheroes on the small screen and the big bet for next season’s ‘Supergirl’ , which broadcast CBS from next November and whose driver, signed by Andrew Kreisberg, as we have seen.

‘Supergirl’ tells the story of Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist), Earth name Kara Zor-El, cousin Kal-El (Superman) who was sent to Earth to take care of the last son of Krypton. By cosmic avatars ship was lost in the Ghost Zone two Terran decades and when it landed Kal was already adult and operational powers while she stood like a child .

Supergirl Pilot 2

Years have passed and Kara works a major magazine based in National City and his life is more or less quiet. However, an impending plane crash will make his superhero instinct arises and comes to light as a new superhero to call starting Supergirl.

However, even though she wants to be a hero, he will be impaired from his sister and DEO (Department Aliens Department), which branch of the military responsible for monitor activities like Superman . Soon they will begin to deal with enemies who are well aware of the powers of Supergirl.

The double edge of the “superfamily”

Supergirl comic ” A girl, FLYING !, must be an illusion! ” So he received the Supes her cousin (Action Comics 252)

When in 1944 the then Detective Comics decided to take Jerry Siegel was fighting in World War II to remove without your permission first appearance of Superboy (idea rejected previously by the publisher), set a dangerous precedent. Then it was seen that the concept of “family of superheroes” might work , although this first version was a Superman youngster, soon began to emerge a whole superfamily.

Years later, at the dawn of the Silver Age of comic superheroes, Otto Binder and Al Plastino would create Supergirl, the female counterpart of Superman. A phenomenon that also experience with Batgirl and Batwoman Batman, Spiderman or something later with Spider-Woman … and that, while it may be a good move face to exploit franchises, can be disastrous if not properly used.

The key, or one of them is the differentiate enough product derived from the original . That makes sense for himself beyond kinship and other relationships. In the case of ‘Supergirl’ it seems to have made every effort to see a series of “Superman girl” more than a superhero matching premium is greatest superhero of the world.

It is clear that things must inevitably be linked to the first superhero such as the Kryptonian and other mythology; and indeed, judging by the pilot seems that we will find bad guys Kryptonian. But is that if no dedicated means reminding pilot Kara Zor-El’s cousin Kal-El have not spent anything.

“It is a bird, not a plane, it’s not a man! “

 Supergirl Pilot 1

With Supergirl have also the difficulty that a woman . If you already seems difficult to see on TV well-built female characters, if we pass the field of action / hero it is almost a mission impossible. The female characters are watched very closely and any feature or situation that pass will be scrutinized and, where appropriate, vilified . Recent examples have Sansa controversy in a recent episode of Game Thrones ‘or controversial (people have no ability to listen, in my opinion) dialogue between Black Widow and the Hulk in The Avengers. The Age of Ultron’

But perhaps the referent clearer that comes to mind is ‘ Agent Carter ‘. Hayley Atwell’s character is so well done that quickly forget, despite references that were “liaison” Captain America; Andrew Kreisberg strives to not forget the relationship between Kara and Superman. That and the utter lack of charisma Benoist makes finished not see a powerful but a secondary character Superman’s orbit.

A ‘Supergirl’ lacks pace and identity


CBS presented a proposal full of good intentions, but fails to materialize any. Already started on the wrong foot with the endless (and we are just three minutes) account of the origin of Kara. While counting the origin is a necessary evil, I think could have done much more intelligently a infodump overwhelming.

You have not found it a horrendous pilot, but rather boring and uninspired, and leaves the feeling that they have no idea what to do with the superhero. And it has all the earmarks of the world that production Indian chiefs who were more , each bringing his vision but without any clear purpose beyond filming the pilot.

Supergirl Gocha

As shown are those scenes in It seems we are seeing one of the “you mamarrachadas” that we love to TheCW to then become darker / serious tone in clashes with evil. This mix is ​​a tad indigestible , has defeated me and me.

However it has pretty good questions and that give me a little hope for improvement . I like that they have drawn more towards a tone ‘ The Flash ‘ with Supergirl wanting to be superhero because it is “good”. Everything points to a lighter tone, which is not that “dark” tone is bad per se , but there are times that we forget that this is a genre of adventure starring eminently inspired people.

I really wanted to see a good superhero series starring a woman … but it turns out in DC do not give with the key.

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‘Supergirl’ have good intentions but do not comply
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May 27, 2015

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