SuperShot challenges us to stop time in an action game fun and clever

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Today we bring you a new action game for Android. Yeah, shoot everything bobbing but a strategic component and something very important: a mechanism that makes we choose our steps carefully. His name is SuperShot and if you follow the scene of games indie probably remind you of a well-known title due out shortly for consoles and PC.

SuperShot owes its title to Super Hot and the mechanics in the game is based is the same: only time we move forward when we. It sounds like a great advantage to move and thus kill our enemies before they reach us but every great power comes great responsibility and, in this case, namely manage to spend our mission

Controlling the time of action

This game does not try to sell any great story. We are a mercenary who is charged with a series of missions where the goal is always the same: to wipe out all enemies. SuperShot shows the action from a overhead view, the same as in other games like Hotline Miami for example.

The controls, though, are more simple and the character will not rotate but each time you press a button will go (and target) in that direction. It’s a little rough but considering everything is handled with a virtual touch control makes the game experience is not slow and frustrating.

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When you shoot, just we have to let down on the screen with a finger and move to select the path of the bullet. It’s easy and very accurate. These game elements are combined with what we were saying a while. time only moves when we see you.

If we are still, nothing moves except the bullets, ours and those of our enemies. It is a misconception that by controlling the time will be all easier. We have an advantage in designing strategies, it is true, but we must do it correctly. In fact, the game is a good challenge for those seeking some difficulty.

Visually the game is quite simple and personally reminded me some PC games mid-nineties. Perfectly fulfill their role although the menus will make me a little ugly. Nothing serious because everything runs smoothly and does not require a particularly powerful for mobile play.

The game is Free and we only asked to pay to remove ads and unlock some level Additional. Therefore, we can try it and if it convinces us, to do our bit to its creator.


SuperShot Action Games

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: OVGames
  • Download: Google Play

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