‘Swamp Thing’: a particular eco-thriller that improvement is more about the physical terror and vegetable

‘Swamp Thing’: a particular eco-thriller that improvement is more about the physical terror and vegetable

it Gives the impression, in the absence of official figures and an announcement more or less firm and definitive on your target, which DC Universe is not having any luck. And it’s a shame: ‘Titanes’ it is a powerful series superheroica halfway between the solemnity of products such as ‘Gotham’ and the verbena of the adaptations of The CW; the quality of ‘Young Justice’ is beyond all doubt; ‘Doom Patrol’ is the surprise of the season, a series superheroica different and crushing; and ‘Swamp Thing’, a dignísima mixture of procedural and classic horror, with only two episodes broadcast, already it has been announced that he expects a target black.

it Is almost impossible when we look back and do a summary of this first -and only – season we find a balanced product. Its development has met with too many obstacles: on the one hand, the ten episodes original have been reduced to eight for budgetary reasons, with what that implies in terms of cuts and settings of the frames to two hours less. On the other hand, ‘Swamp Thing’ was not conceived as a miniseries, so it will be, very possibly, in that no-man’s land of the product failures that leave frames middle open for if the flies, but that as well is going to be: eternally unfinished.

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And the situation is doubly unfortunate when it is clear, with only two episodes, that ‘Swamp Thing’ have ideas that the distance of the television fictions superheroicas to use, and even of the productions of the terror of the fashion. ‘Swamp Thing’ he knows how to find the balance between the narrative carefree and without excessive dramatismos of the comic book with the sinister tone of terror -both visual and psychological – of character. And what to dress it with a new item, but that slides naturally into the argument of this first season: a frame itself of the procedural, like a ‘CSI’ in the swamp (something about what jokes the own series to compare their heroes with Colombo or Jessica Fletcher).


A mixture of elements that peck in the different stages of this character created by the demigods of comic book Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson in 1971. Swamp Thing has been throughout its history an avenger post-morten, a pariah monstrous, an Elemental, almost divine, and a superhero extravagant. Especially remembered is the stage of Alan Moore in the eighties, which included one of the masterpieces indisputable of the English scriptwriter, the story of ‘anatomy Lesson’.

this stage of the series seems to take some fleeting element, such as the nature of the Swamp Thing no zombie plant, but of a fusion between a corpse and a natural power unfathomable. Also Moore grabs the atmosphere of gothic swamp and a certain fondness for the physical horror in its pure state. All this absorbed light and, luckily for her, without any more ambition than pay simple homage to the master.

‘Swamp Thing’: a particular eco-thriller that improvement is more about the physical terror and vegetable

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‘Swamp Thing’ starts out as a tale of revenge, supernatural (a code in which the character is embutía in its origins, before the arrival of Alan Moore): Alec Holland (disturbing Andy Bean, who steals tics at a young Jeffrey Combs of ‘Re-Animator’) is a scientist who investigates a strange behavior of the plants in the swamp in the Marais (Louisiana). While, the doctor specialized in infectious diseases Abigail Arcane (Crystal Reed) asks about a strange virus that could be related to the swamp. But Holland is discovering things that the mafia, local, wants to keep hidden and is killed: will soon be part of the swamp and be reborn, become a be very different.

In the first two episodes, the action moves quiet but at a good pace: the characters are presented with dialogue precise and to avoid with the good fortune to portrait lazy. Holland and Arcane experience an attraction that’s not concrete because he is killed, but the viewer understand easily, thanks to the great performances from Bean and Reed, the bond that unites the two characters, in a first section that could have fallen into the topic. They are also well-plotted villains, the inevitable traumatic past of Arcane and his relationship with the mother of a friend of the past (also great Virginia Madsen).

‘Swamp Thing’: a particular eco-thriller that improvement is more about the physical terror and vegetable

All of this contributes to create an interesting atmosphere of gothic southern (light, but gothic at the end of the day) that leads to the swamp is referred to as a land magical and frightening. Are no doubt that and the spectacular sequences of terror that give a special stamp to these first two episodes, which allow bursts of violence and ideas lurid unusual in the series of genre. The seal of the producer James Wan gets noticed in the plants that grow and move at speeds exaggerated from a corpse, and which foster in the first chapter, images that would recall a kind of version plant and dry ‘The thing’ by Carpenter.

The use of special effects, practical and CGI controlled and that reinforces the oppressive atmosphere and mouldy of the series in time to get the brightness rounds up to a proposal stimulating and different. It is true, falls into certain conventions (horrible and obvious soundtrack, a shock cheap), but given the landscape of gender in television, are details of no importance. Now we already know that there is hope for the future of the Swamp Thing, but at least we can enjoy the eight episodes that, if they continue at the height of the first two, may be among the best terror cathode of the year.

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