SwiftKey emojis adds new Android 6.0.1 … but only if we Marshmallow


Yesterday we were explaining cómo install and use new emojis Android 6.0.1 in previous versions. To write with them we had two options: using a keyboard port Marshmallow to either use the new beta versions Fleksy or lower. Today is SwiftKey who are encouraged to take the plunge but the update leaves us with a bitter taste .

SwiftKey has released the new version of its beta where the introduction of new emojis It is the main novelty. Unlike Fleksy, the creators of this keyboard have decided to put land in between and will only work if we have the latest version of our mobile Marshmallow. A decision is not justified at all because it would be possible to use


So far only a few

As we saw yesterday, the only thing needed to use the new emojis Lollipop or any previous version of Android it was Install source in the System Folder and use a pair of compatible keyboards. When we learned that Swiftkey added support we have been quick to try to see if working with this trick but the response has been negative.

It seems that SwiftKey has decided, for now, limit access to the new emojis who are up to date with the latest version of Android. As explained in the forum, they are aware of this “ limit ” and currently have no plans to change it to be otherwise. Sooner or later they have to give to those who may not have Marshmallow use it.

What has changed most in the beta? In addition to fixing some performance issues, Improved prediction emojis on the keyboard but only in English and a few other languages ​​that do not include the Spanish. If you do not want to lower the beta, soon all these developments will be available in the final version.

Swiftkey Beta

Swiftkey Beta Keyboards

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SwiftKey emojis adds new Android 6.0.1 … but only if we Marshmallow
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December 18, 2015

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