Swiftkey users increases 54% since it became free


No one has the key to success (apart from working hard). But Swiftkey does seem to have found the way, at least as witnessed data monthly active users. Since Free turned in 5 and incorporated emojis and themes , the keyboard has had a great reception, ranking among the most used, if it was not already.

In fact currently 54% more users use on their Android smartphones or tablets, which would not have been possible (or if) the previous price more 2 €.

This article will discuss the attempt to bring a little about the consequences it can have an update. The important thing is that developers remain active and as a change in monetization strategy sometimes can be very good.

The number of subjects sold 12 million since its launch, is generating large profits Swiftkey. We all like to customize our Android and they have understood what the requested features.

Do you think this change or model you can be extrapolated to other apps? Should Swype back its pro free version

Via VentureBeat

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Swiftkey users increases 54% since it became free
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