Swiftly Switch recent applications puts at your thumb

Swiftly Switch

multitasking on Android is not always as quick as we would like. Between you press a physical or virtual, wait for the animation shift button choose the application and, finally, change, and you I lost a few seconds and even probably need both hands.

Swiftly Switch offers a new way to access recent applications, bookmarks and buttons with A simple touch of your finger in a specific area of ​​the screen, open A circular menu floating very flexible and versatile. Unlike other similar applications, Swiftly Switch does not bother you with any floating icon when you’re not using and does not require root, although it does not include it as service accessibility


also uses virtual buttons

Besides allowing you to switch between recent apps, you can also include a number of popular applications and use Swiftly Switch virtual buttons to go to Home, back and expand Notifications.

However, this last feature virtual buttons are only available for testing time 7 days . You can still use the other functions without any problem, but if you want these virtual buttons (besides allowing you to configure the menu works well in a second axis) you must buy the paid version for 2.09 euros.

The truth is that the works quite well , but can be difficult managing to play at the exact point you have set, you can adjust the sensitivity, accurately position and length from the options.

Swiftly switch - free

Swiftly switch – free 1.04

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Swiftly Switch recent applications puts at your thumb
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January 18, 2016

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