Syfy shows a trailer for ‘Childhood’s End’, his adaptation of Asimov for Christmas


This week not only the upfronts chains in US Open, but there have been some channels basic cable have also tapped to submit to advertisers and the press their new projects . The property of NBC Universal networks have been one of them, and among them, Syfy has shown the first images of some of its upcoming series.

For example, the channel has released the first trailer for ‘Childhood’s End ‘, six-episode miniseries adapting the book ‘ The end of childhood ‘, Isaac Asimov, and that will be in December, a time that traditionally engaged Syfy these limited series emission, as they are called now. Tells the story of a peaceful alien invasion, to bring prosperity to mankind, but hiding something starts gradually come to light.

Syfy Childhood’s End Trailer seriescienciaficcion

‘Childhood’s End’, which will be issued in three nights , it is developed by Matthew Graham, co creator of ‘Life on Mars’ and starring a lot of actors who surely will sound of other series such as Mike Vogel, Daisy Betts, Colm Meore, Julian MacMahon, Charles Dance or Yael Stone. Until December, Syfy is awaiting release other series such as ‘Dark matter’ , which opens on June 12 (also will be seen on Syfy Spain) or ‘Killjoys’ Debuting 19

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May 16, 2015

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