Sync Daemon: a tool to transfer files via WiFi without internet

Sync Daemon

Daemon Tools is a computer software that has been very journey: a multipurpose tool that is used especially to create units virtual disk and mounted on them ISOs. Now, its creators decided to go to the mobile world and bring us a very useful application. Sync Daemon

The utility is very simple : allows us transfer files between two devices that are connected to the same WiFi network via a local connection. That is, nothing connected with any external server, everything is done through the WLAN in office and is a perfect and quick way to move large files back and forth


A very simple way to move data between the phone and a computer

Disc Soft is very experienced in this type of applications and Sync works well on Android . Its creators have understood very well that this tool should be easy to use and that at no time have to register or have an Internet connection. The only requirement is to be connected to a WiFi same.

Once we open just have to find computers on the network and start transferring files . Although this is a mobile application, we can also send to computers without any problem. How can we take advantage of this app? In many ways.

The first and fastest is as system backup of photos . It is not as fast as the automation of Google Or Dropbox photos but if we do not like storing images in the cloud, with Sync can make all this effort very quickly with our computer.

Another handy use is load our mobile or tablet with content from a computer . Think of all those series you store movies and then watch them on trips. With this application you will have easy. Both small files and large, it is worth use against physical connectors, and also between mobile devices where we can not use a cable, it is much faster than Bluetooth.

The application it is free and does not include any money . Nor do you need to register and all you need to run is that other people have Sync installed in order to transfer files.

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Sync Daemon: a tool to transfer files via WiFi without internet
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September 26, 2015

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