Taekwondo with energy bars: Korea be inspired by the video games of fighting

There are occurrences that captivate. The (pen)ultimate means at the taekwondo south Korean and aims to become viral. Those familiar with the game will recall the mythical bars of health and/or energy so characteristic of the genus of fighting (Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat…). Those that fell on it when you gave (or received) a hard-hitting blow by means of a skill or magic special.The Korean Taekwondo Association has been inspired by the distinctive factor to include sensors in the clothing of opponents, so that when you register a contact, the corresponding bar, shown in the style video game on an enormous screen, low.Each participant starts with 100 points in your bar, and these decreases in function of the development of the combat. As is logical, on the contrary that in the virtual world, it does not measure the health and energy, but it is a simulation sets out the impacts received and the strength of these. In turn, la ‘life’ also decreases according to the potential violations.The exhibition took place in the frame of the Power Taekwondo Premium League, and does not imply that are going to occur upcoming changes in the regulations, rather it was a striking experience of the pilot. The organizers carried out with the object of weigh how to make more attractive the sport and to facilitate their follow-up, which involves complexity.The agency south Korean Yonhap News made the coverage of the event in Seoul, conceived as a spectacle as it reflected the lights, the screen and sound effects.Will have to see the journey of the initiative. Of time, lor it can’t be denied is the suggestion that active on the outside of the discipline to remember those great moments of leisure with Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat.
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Taekwondo with energy bars: Korea be inspired by the video games of fighting
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January 20, 2020

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