Take-Two has a counterclaim against Leslie Benzies

They believe that he breached the contract and is not entitled to payment.
Take-Two has filed a countersuit against Leslie Benzies, former producer of the series Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto , as has been after transcending the lawsuit filed by Benzies against company claiming that Take-Two, Rockstar and Houser brothers denied the payment of their royalties and lied in its official statement distributed to the media regarding their leaving the company. The countersuit was formalized on April 11 before the courts of the Southern District Court of New York .
In counterclaim by Take-Two Interactive wields Benzies has committed a breach of contract and accuse the producer officially leave the company on April 2, 2015 (although this not transpired until earlier this year)
With this statement, the demand disputes the argument presented by Benzies because it is based primarily on the reasons and timing which concluded the contractual relationship between the parties.
in this counterclaim, Take-Two Interactive says Benzies left the company without justification , which according to the contract between parts will relieve you of the possibility of benefiting from Royalty , whether these are prior and after the end of the contract. That is, not justify its departure from the company, according to Take-Two, this will incapacitate to obtain the percentages on profits prearranged and now claims Benzies.
“Benzies, however, continues to call parity in relation to payments Royalty before and after hiring “indicated in demand. In addition, the counterclaim reveals that there has been negocaciones with careos who have not come to fruition. For this reason, they believe they are entitled to counterclaim to Benzies once it has decided to take legal action


Take-Two has a counterclaim against Leslie Benzies
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April 12, 2016

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