TalkBand B1 Huawei smart bracelet that also makes calls

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Huawei is ready to surprise the MWC 2014 and no wonder. From Barcelona has announced that Huawei will join the market for wearable devices with a smart bracelet with a twist for the rest, has a Removable piece for calls .

Flexible Screen Caller possibility

This device shall have an OLED screen 1.4 inch floppy , we do not know to what extent, and will come along with a 90 mAh battery that promises a battery life of 6 days . Not bad.

One of the important features of this new Huawei bracelet is that come with a piece to make calls. This piece will have a size of 14.6mm and be removable from the device when you want to answer a call. That is, we can link our smartphone bracelet and when we call, we can answer directly from the bracelet. Forget about taking the phone.


is, the functions will also carry most of these devices. Will know how much distance you travel , how many calories you burned , steps you have performed among other things. In addition, one of the features I liked most is the sleep monitoring . This bracelet analyze your sleep cycles and you wake up to the most optimal and near time you’ve set the alarm . Last but not least, also offers NFC connection .

 SmartBand-bluetooth SmartBand-features

availability date of this is not known bracelet but it soon marketed in his native , China. As far as Europe and other countries are concerned, we have to wait at least until the second quarter of 2014 . The price of the device will € 99 . Interesting.

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TalkBand B1 Huawei smart bracelet that also makes calls

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