Tarantino leave his new western ‘The Hateful Eight’ after filtration Writing


  • director has been completely disenchanted and “very depressed” after filtration of the script of his new movie, so decided to leave.
  • As for the source of the leak, suspected Tarantino Michael Madsen representative or Bruce Dern, of the few who had the script.
  • His intention now is to publish and focus on another film.

 Pointing fingers, one of the most repeated formulas Tarantino

Totally disappointed and” very depressed “. This is how it has been after seeing how script The Hateful Eight , his new western, has seeped into Hollywood. The director has already announced that leave the project because it has “ten other movies” I could do.

‘m very, very depressed . I finished one Writing a first draft, and would not start filming until next winter, within a year. would say six people, and apparently already been leaked today, “says Tarantino told Deadline in which notes that aware of the situation when his longtime agent, Mike Simpson, began receiving phone calls from other stakeholders to place the actors in some roles representing the project.

As for the source of filtration, Tarantino suggests the agents of the three actors who left the script: Michael Madsen , Bruce Dern and Tim Roth , while acknowledging that it was also allowed more people to read. “I gave it to one of the producers in the película” Django unchained , Reggie Hudlin , and let an agent came to his house and read it, “Tarantino said.

” That is a betrayal but it was not completely terrible because the agent did not end the script ” says the director who sees “malice” in other performances, especially that of the representatives of some of the actors

“I gave three actors. Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern and Tim Roth. The only thing I know is incapable of doing Tim Roth . One of the other let his agent and that agent will read it leaked all over Hollywood “sentence.

not know how these representatives fucking work, but I will not go , “says filmmaker whose indignant suspicion points to CAA, the agency that represents Dern and has vehemently denied that the leak comes from someone appearance.

“I have ten more”

Disillusioned and disappointed, Tarantino is determined to abandon the project and forget totally the case. “‘ll Post it, it’s over . Would just let six people and if I can not trust them, then I have no desire to do so.’ll Post it and end point. Put me in next project, I have ten more, “Tarantino says that in the same conversation, did not rule pick up the story in a few years.

” I change my mind, I own this fucking thing. But now same and I can assure that it will not be the next to do.’s my baby, and if the muse called me later to do it … we will do “, says the director who says now focus on another script that I had started and I had almost abandoned to focus on the western The Hateful Eight.

Tarantino hopes that this incident gets representatives and stakeholders to be more discreet with their future projects. “I gave it to three fucking actors. We met in a hotel and what we put in their hands. ‘Agent Reggie Hudlin (producer Django ) never had a copy. Have to have been or agents or the Madsen Dern “he insists.


Tarantino leave his new western ‘The Hateful Eight’ after filtration Writing
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January 22, 2014

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