Technical problems prevent access to the eShop of the Nintendo consoles

The company has recognized the problem and are working on a solution.


Nintendo has reported that the problems have been solved. The access problem started around 16h (hours Spanish peninsular), with complaints of users from various regions of the world, but not in a generalized way. That is to say, some users could access and others do not, regardless of their geographic location.

The problems had been solved in around 20h, but Nintendo has not explained the reasons that have produced access problems.

In any case, the problem has already been solved, and the users should be able to access with normal to the eShop.

original Story:
Nintendo’s experiencing the problems that hinder the access to the digital store eShop on all their platforms. The problem has been recognized by the company and are working to fix it.

The company does not indicate what is causing these problems, but users are found with lto inability to connect to the digital store Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

it does Not appear that other services of the company have been affected, so that online gaming and other network functions continue to operate normally.

There is a stop planned for July 31

The company has provided a break for maintenance for the next July 31, but on this occasion it is a technical problem which has affected the services.

The stop July 31, will begin at 22h (hours Spanish peninsular) of that day and conclude at 2 o’clock of the morning of the next day. During this break users will not be able to do login in any of the services Nintendo Network ID.

technical Problems prevent access to the eShop of the Nintendo

Technical problems prevent access to the eShop of the Nintendo consoles
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July 29, 2017

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